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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by NanaC, Apr 12, 2001.

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    At the risk of repeating myself, I just wondered if I had my ducks in order on thisso that I could move forward more aggressively:

    Situation: Got credit report for hubby, found collection agency had 2 utility bills in IL. Disputed in Oct,00 with CA. Received no response. Wrote 2nd follow up dispute letter, received notice that they deleted 1 of the 2 but nothing on the other account.

    I called them in Nov. and the quote I got from them was "We will not verify." I actually wrote the quotes as they repeeated it several times. At one point she said, "You are wasting your time. We will not verify." I was transferred to a supervisor and she said "They would not send me that" when I requested proof. She finally stated that "As soon as I get an attorney and they request the records, we will get the verification."

    I then reported it to the Dept. of Professional Regulation in Illinois. I have a case number. This was in Nov. Since that time, I've received no verification. There response was that I had said I had verification in my letter to them in Nov. I have the letter and it says I NEVER received verification. Apparently, a blatant lie to the regulating division. That was in Dec. I wrote to the regulating company and told them this was a lie.

    I got another letter in Jan. saying a bill would be sent to me and I should highlight disputes and return it. I never received anything.

    Early Feb., I received a call from the regulating people and they said that they were giving them 10 days to provide proof or else. I heard nothing and they keep validating the issue. I then wrote a letter to the regulating people and a few weeks ago, they called and said that the CA had requested an additional week and that they had given them until this week. They said "This sure doesn't look right."

    Ok...please...what should I do? Should I forward to my Attorney General? I have copies of all letters and proof of delivery through certified mail. Should I file a claim in small claims court? (Thanks, Hal for the info)..

    As of today, nothing, no proof, nada!

    Your help is greatly appreciated!
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    If the week's up you could go to small claims court
  3. NanaC

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    It'll be up tomorrow. Though why would they get all this time? I requested the proof in Oct. 00.

    Do I need damages? Do I need to be rejected for a card?

    Thanks for responding!

    More thoughts?
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    Re: Hal, All-Need CA direction
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    Date: 04-12-01 08:28

    It'll be up tomorrow. Though why would they get all this time? I requested the proof in Oct. 00.

    You could have done it sooner -had you known back then
  5. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    Aw, if I'd only know then what I knew now..(isn't that a song?)

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