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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kittw1, Aug 11, 2001.

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    Well, I received my first set of disputed information from EQ. Out of 12 disputed items with them, I managed to get 5 items deleted. Yippee! I am having problems with the collection items. I need help here folks. The remaining items are Cross Crooked (Country) Bank, Overcharged (Orchard) Bank. Prove I Did it (Providian) Bank, and United Credit National Bank (couldn't think of a name for this one - LOL). Would writing and asking for validation help my case. I actually wrote to a few of the companies regrading inquiries via PF. I want a retail card, but I am willing to wait until I get this crap together. My student loan is reporting at I0 with $8K. This loan was consolidated from a school I attended and the school reports opened 9/88 date of last activity 01/01 (not true - Ihaven't been to the school in 10 years) I1, but major lates. What tactic can I use to get the lates off
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    I had some 30 and 60 day lates with Burdines, Firestone and Syms. After disputing them several times with the CRA's with no success, I contacted the creditors directly and they deleted the negative information. Firestone wasn't easy but since the account was paid in full they eventually agreed.

    For the exception of Syms the accounts are still open and in good standing. The other thing that is interesting is I have some lates with Discover from early 2000. I asked Discover if they would delete them from my report and they very nicely told me they couldn't because it was against their policy to do so. However, when I asked the rep to send me a print out of the payment history in question she said the most they could go back was 12 months.

    Later that afternoon I contacted Experian and asked them for the contact info for Discover. The agent tells me call 1 (800) DISCOVER. So I tell her that I already called them in the morning and they told me they couldn't verify that far back. She responds to me to get it in writing. Oh well, let me see what I do next.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for your response. I've written to each creditor that remains on my report to see if they are willing to remove and validate that I owe. Hopefully, I will get some positive things going so that I can get a decent mortgage. We'll see. I want to apply for something like Target to see if it will let me know something, but why waste an inquiry. I also received TU today. They deleted Orchard and United Credit Natl Bank, but not Providian, Ace, Cross Country and Cap1. Oh well my pursuit of credit bliss continues. Between TU and EQ that gives me 7 out of 18.
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    Okay problem I've discovered with TU in all of my excitement. These idiots have placed on inquiry on my CR dated 5/16/01...this was not on my original report dated 06/25/01. WTF? How do I get rid of this mess?

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