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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Steven Z, May 30, 2000.

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    Or even know of anybody for that matter?

    I have heard and seen posts by individuals who have the Platinum and even the Platinum Premium on this site (and others) but never about the Visa Portrait and it seems half the persons logging on this site have a Visa Persona.

    When you look at the description of the Aria Visa Portrait its obvious its a sub-prime card, what with a MINIMUM APR of 19.9%, about the only good things about the card are a grace period; but then so does the Aspire Visa and that certainly is no prime card and no annual fee, this lack of annual fee is probably the #1 reason it rarely gets issued re: Capital One the bank that only cares about annual fees.

    Now I could understand those with 'recent' bad credit getting stuck with this horrible sub sub-prime card but this wouldn't extend to those with say a 5 year charge-off, but sadly for all appearances it does, whether you have $1000000 of collections, write-offs, judgements and liens or one 60 day late dated from 6 years 11 months previous Providian is gonna stick you with this abomniable Aria Persona Visa and having felt they have weathered they bad publicity storm they are now gonna gouge and screw its receipients bigtime.

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