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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Candi, Jul 28, 2001.

  1. Candi

    Candi Well-Known Member

    Have any of you ever gotten the cb's to add information to your file? I bought a car at a, buy here pay here lot. I paid about 7,000. for it. I always paid on time and thet gave be a great credit refrence letter. I am going to write a nice letter and ask, what do I have to lose. I need to buy a new car soon and it would be great if I could get this line entered.
  2. supershawn

    supershawn Well-Known Member


    Sorry I didn't resoind to your email yet, it has been a long morning.

    I am still working on getting my mtg added to my report, I have no news, good or bad, as of yet.

    I will post as soon as I hear.

  3. Candi

    Candi Well-Known Member

    It's cool, I figured you were busy, and decided to see if anyone else had tried it. I'll be watching to see how much luck you have.
    Fingers crossed. ;-)
  4. Struggler

    Struggler Well-Known Member

    I did that once. I had bought and paid off a 1985 pickup, paid in full and no lates through my hometown bank. I paid it off in 1989 and they didn't use the credit bureaus at the time. Your best bet is to call your local bureau affiliate and ask them to "run a check" on something, tell them your name, the dealer's name, the year, make and model, etc... Of course, those were simpler times, but it might still work. Good luck!
  5. Candi

    Candi Well-Known Member

    Thanks struggler, I am going to mail out my requests and see what happens.
  6. Fat Jake

    Fat Jake Well-Known Member

    I had a car loan only reporting on one CR. I was trying to purchase another car from which the dealership used a different CRA. The 1st bank wrote a letter on the 2nd banks request. They told me this is just as good as the CRA entry.

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