Has anyone had Target/Retailer

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dave, Nov 10, 2000.

  1. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    I just looked at my report, and they haven't updated my Target card info since July!!

    Man, that isn't helping me at all. I was going to definitely keep Target and get rid of AE outfitters, but now i'm wondering...
  2. RichGuy

    RichGuy Guest

    RE: Has anyone had Target/Reta

    Could this be a sign that they're going the Associates route, i.e. not reporting at all?
    I'm not sure if that would result in stale entries like yours, or in no entries at all.
  3. molly

    molly Well-Known Member

    RE: Has anyone had Target/Reta

    My Target account is always at least two months behind on the reports.
  4. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: Has anyone had Target/Reta

    Believe it or not, but one option the major credit bureaus have, for those who don't have a dedicated 24/7 high speed link to all the bureaus, is the use of mag tape for updating files :) don't laugh.

    they still do it.

    so maybe the tape guy has been slow at work lately :)

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