Has anyone heard of Credicorp

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by holly, Mar 30, 2000.

  1. holly

    holly Guest

    I got a approved notice in the mail that says I am approved for a Gold card membership with a $10,000.00 limit.All I have to do is send them $29.95 to activate.
    The catch seems to be this: Full details of your membership benifites will be mailed with your new gold card.

    Is this a scam, or what is it? ANYONE!!!!
    Sincerely, holly
  2. C. Faith M

    C. Faith M Guest

    Info on Credicorp scam.

    I just got my letter and was hoping to use it to consolidate some of my other credit card bills (yeah i'm a college student that got credit happy) but I checked this out before I sent it off and this is what I found. If you actually do get the card, you can only use it to buy things out of there catalogs, no transferring balances or buying things, it doesn't work like visa and mastercards.
    for more info on it go here:


    it has info pertaining to this particular credit card from the better business bureau.
    that's all
  3. SHG

    SHG Guest

    RE: Has anyone heard of Credic

    Yes, I have heard of it, and in fact I was a member of it. I was searcing the net for more information about it and came across this message board. I signed up for their program thinking it was a 'real' credit card. It is not. However, I paid the $30 or whatever it was (this was two maybe three years ago) and recieved my information from them in the mail. This is what I think it is: it is a 'credit' card, but you only get credit for the products that THEY sale. I recieved in my packet a catalog of funiture, electronics, etc. (kind of like a Service Merchandise store). You could buy these items using your 'credit card' from them. I never recieved a hard card, just a paper one with my 'credit card' number on it. You are supposed to use this number when ordering. Since recieving this stuff, I have never used it, and do not plan on ever using it. That is why I was trying to find a web site for them. I do not think I am still a member, because there are annual fees, which I never paid. Since I never paid and never purchased anything from them, I assume that I do not have a membership anymore. So, if you want to buy random items out of their catalog, it is probably a good deal (their payment plans LOOKED descent and affordable), but if you are like me and would rather go and get things yourself, then don't even bother, because it would be a waste of money.
    Hope this information helps you, and others!
  4. Larry

    Larry Guest

    RE: Has anyone heard of Credic

    I got that same offer in the mail today. Seem suspicious. Cheap paper, no color photographs like the big credit card companies, suspiciously low rate and extremely high credit limit...no strings attached?
  5. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: Has anyone heard of Credic

    Their card may not be one that can be used everywhere like Mastercard or VISA. You may be able to use your credit line only in purchases you make from them. They are located in Texas.
  6. MS

    MS Guest

    RE: Has anyone heard of Credic

    I got that same offer in the mail a couple of days ago. It seemed suspicious, that's why I tore the offer off. Now I find out / thaks this forum / that I acted well.
  7. holly

    holly Guest

    RE: Info on Credicorp scam.

    Thank-you for the info. I thought it might be a scam, because I don't have very good credit!! Thanks Faith.
    Sincerely, holly
  8. holly

    holly Guest

    RE: Has anyone heard of Credic

    Thank-you for the info!
    Sincerely, Holly
  9. sc todd

    sc todd Guest

    RE: Has anyone heard of Credic

    Seems to be legit ... the advertising is a bit misleading (as per the Better Biz Bureau). THIS IS NOT A PLASTIC CHARGE CARD, NOR IS IT A VISA OR MASTERCARD.

    However, it's fairly straight forward. It's an online membership merchandise service. You pay the $29.95 and get the opportunity to purchase items from their catalogs with an APR of 12%.

    Their website is: http://www.creditcorp.net
  10. Tracy Adam

    Tracy Adam Guest

    RE: Has anyone heard of Credic


    I have read through most of the responses regarding the Credicorp mail solicitation, and I am a bit dismayed that no one has bothered to delve into these facts:

    1) No Phone number
    2) A PO BOX address
    3) The word "URGENT."
    4) "Credit Provider" not defined.
    5) $29.95 fee.
    6) "Congratulations" from a company you've never heard of.
    7) No information regarding late payments.
    8) The words "Failure to do so..." and "Failure to Respond."
    9) Having to pay by check or money order.
    10) The words "Gold Card," which most people associate with VISA and Mastercard.
    11) The 100% use of UPPERCASE LETTERS.
    12) An outrageous limit of $10,000.
    13) Having to pay to find out the benefits.
    14) Pre-Approved


  11. Christine

    Christine Guest

    RE: Has anyone heard of Credic

    I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but.......(you know what's coming) I'm the sucker that gave my $29.95 to those punks just last week. I should have known better. I just second guessed it, b/c I just recent;y purchased a home and thought to myself, "hey my credit rating must be getting a lot better". I'm soo stupid. The sad thing about all this is, is that I didn't listen to my own reasoning. I wondered why there wasn't a phone number, etc... but just kept thinking how nice it would be to have that $10k limit added to my credit history. Damnit.

    Q:Do I now just say good-bye to that money? I guess I should as a lesson for being so daft.

    Oh, well.

    PS - I'm really glad I found this newsgroup! And thank you all for the postings. You all helped me answer the question of the evening: Am I a sucker or not? :(

  12. Fred Garof

    Fred Garof Guest

    RE: Info on Credicorp scam.

    Thanks for the tip on the bbb web site about credicorp.
  13. Jeff Killi

    Jeff Killi Guest

    RE: Info on Credicorp scam.

    I just got this letter today, it says in the first line I have been pre-approved for a $10,000 credit limit valid exclusivly toward all credit purchases from credit provider...

    translation....buy stuff from us and we give you credit

    translation....scam...send us $30

    translation....you think your getting a Visa or something, but they never mention that...

    Just more junk mail to go into the trash...
  14. Efren

    Efren Guest

    RE: Has anyone heard of Credic

    After reading your post and investigating the web site that you posted, the web site for http://www.creditcorp.net is actually for a real estate company called First City Funding that serves California. In searching for Credicorp (no "t")on the net, the only thing that I found was a seemingly questionable company in Texas with some sort of financial ties to Peru.
  15. me

    me Well-Known Member

    RE: Has anyone heard of Credic


    I recieved the same crapmail today also. It looked "odd" to say the least so I decided to log on see what I could find...needless to say, I found this message board and the rest is history. I'm very greatfull for everyones participation. I am one of the "would be suckers" that almost send them money.

    Thanks all!
  16. Lee Alliso

    Lee Alliso Guest

    RE: Has anyone heard of Credic

    I just wanted to pass this bit of advice to anyone who has received any mail from credicorp. DO NOT RESPOND !!!!! The company is bogus. I work for an agency that deals with credit card fraud. Credicorp is a mail order catalog company. And the card is only good if you purchase from them. And you will never get the thirty dollars back. So please heed this advise, unless you plan on ordering from a catalog.
  17. Claude Van

    Claude Van Guest

    RE: Info on Credicorp scam.

    Interesting! and thanks!!

    I notice the BBB ntice says that the company:

    "The company's mailer now notes: "....a $10,000.00 credit limit valid exclusively toward Credicorp purchases." The mailer also states that "full details" will be provided after the consumer remits a $29.95 annual fee"

    However, as one other poster mentioned, the mailer now states "toward all credit purchases from credit providor" which isn't quite as clear.

    Just found this board. It's in my important bookmarks now!


    P.s. I appreciate the suggestion one poster (Tracy?) made .. use the company's Return Postage envelope to mail all materials back to the company. Actually, you can do more than that. You can box up a brick, or garbage, or whatever. Stick the postage return envelope on top, and put it in the mail. They pay the post office to get the junk. it hurts!!


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