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    Just need some feedback on if this program works

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    I went and checked out their (very beautiful) website.

    As far as I can tell, they're offering a thinly disguised version of "file segregation." Offering file segregation type credit repair is patently illegal and the FTC just shut down about thirty internet file segregationists (and they shut down others all the time.)

    The main problem with file segregation is that it is considered unlawful for you to use anything but your true social security number when asked for your social security number. As they state on their site, you can refuse to give it, but you can't just put some other number down instead.

    I've spoken to many people trying to repair the damage they did to their credit and employment after attempting file segregation. It's not pretty.

    Of course, I'm open to being wrong about what this company's really doing. So, I invite them to respond if I'm up late. However, I've seen dozens of companies try to skirt the law on this issue and these guys look like another dressed-up attempt.

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