Has Providian Truly Reformed?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Steven Z, Apr 3, 2000.

  1. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    When I originally came on to the Credinet BBS some 15 months back the board was inudated with posts and complaints about Providian Financial. It was looked upon as the spawn of hell and brought upon abundunt critcism and extremely long threads.

    Over the next 6 months a number of Providian Customer Service Reps came on the board (both real and numerous fake) to say their piece and defend their companies' actions, which they did strenously (one really abusive man comes to mind) up until the minute the announcement came that Providian had agreed to pay back ripped off customers to the tune of 20 million.

    Since then Providian made many claims' that ' they were going to bring forth many positive changes and to all appearances they have.

    The proof is right here on this board where the main topic of conversation involving Providian is how to increase one's credit limit.

    Shows what the power of numerous class-action lawsuits which bring the focus of the media will accomplish.

    Now, Providian is a much bigger bank with huge amounts more of capital behind it than Cross Country Bank. If a bank such as that can be made to come to heel than most certainly the same can be done to CCB. But its gonna take that BIG class-action lawsuit to do it. All the seperate individual lawsuits, while nice, because everybody always beats CCB, and yes they do have 'some' cumulative effect, especially if take place in a Federal Court, are not gonna do it, at least not anytime soon.

    So I say to all the victims of CCB on this board, CCB has screwed you is gonna screw you even worse and has already or will certainly toast your credit report. Get off your butts and use some of that money that your throwing away to CCB who just "loses it" and then charges you even more illegal fees and apply it towards the legal fees and join a class-action lawsuit which will bring this nightmare down once and for all.

    Providian, which has much of its clients in the "PRIME" category when put to the wall was able to clean up its act regarding its sub-prime clients. CCB, which soley RIPS OFF (they don't serve anybody but lining their pockets) will in all likelyhood get bought out by another institution when the pressure finally gets put on them, as for the new ownership while they very well may be another set of crooks, at least we'll have gotten rid of Rocco and his gang who can go back to the protection rackets and loan sharking on the streets of Brooklyn where they came from.
  2. BOB

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    RE: Has Providian Truly Reform

    Steven Z, Providian has made a big turn
    around. Their Customer Service Dept. is
    friendly & truely try to help the customer.
    although their interest rate is still a
    little high, they have been known to lower
    their rates to good customers. Personally
    I would rather pay alittle more interest
    rate and feel somewhat secure in the fact
    that I'm not gonna get ripped-off. Rocco
    and his gang at CROOKS COUNTRY BANK, should
    take a look at how Providian turned their
    business around, and see that treating
    your customers with alittle respect, and
    really show that they appreciate the customers business will bring in more
    business. But until they get rid of their
    rude, and unprofessional customer service
    people they will remain at the bottom of
    the sub-prime banks. They look at the fact
    they get new customers everyday as a sign of success, and probably don't care at the fact
    they lose alot of customers each day, rather
    it be by CLOSED ACCOUNTS, or potential
    customers that go elaewhere when they learn
    that CCB shafts there customers with Bogus
    Fees. Until CCB starts caring about their
    customers, they will remain at the bottom.
  3. scott desa

    scott desa Guest

    RE: Has Providian Truly Reform

    all i know is this babk gave me a card and when it was lost after never being activated they later furused me another card.i was attempting to obtain some credit worthieness and all of a sudden they wont give me the same chance,after only 6 mos.not a nice bank as they claim
  4. PA

    PA Guest

    Providian Is A Scarlet Letter

    For Providian to even appear on your credit report is a red light to any prospective lender that you have had credit problems in the past (even if negative information has been deleted because of the 7 year clock). I made the mistake of accepting Providian's offer for a Visa Classic and then came across this website late one night about a year ago and read all the negative things. I kept my card for 5 months, was offered a $1500 increase for an $99 'finance charge' and thought this is ridiculous because they already have a 23% interest rate as it is that is started the moment you actually make the purchase (no grace period!) So I closed the account (which was a hassle) and now regret that the Providian trade line appears as a scarlet letter on my credit report now that all negative information has disappeared :-(
  5. MichaelOH

    MichaelOH Guest

    RE: Providian Is A Scarlet Let

    Since Providian has many prime customers as well as sub-prime, I shouldn't worry too much about your Providian trade line. Least ways not when global warming threatens to extinguish the Scaly Headed Rinoceraus Cricket within 2 1/2 months- due to the alarming .75 degree temperature increase in their delicate mud hole habitat. Get your priorities straight man!
  6. curiouser

    curiouser Well-Known Member

    RE: Providian Is A Scarlet Let

    Actually, that isn't true. I have a Providian Platnium Visa. It is considered a prime card as are all my other credit accounts. The presence of Providian on my credit reports has not kept me from getting offers for additional prime credit cards.
  7. David

    David Well-Known Member

    RE: Providian Is A Scarlet Let

    Does the platinum card have a grace period and lower apr? I hope so! Something to look forward to for me, who got a Providian Visa Classic to rebuild my credit. I hope to stay with Providian, too.

    curiouser and curiouser wrote:
    Actually, that isn't true. I have a Providian Platnium Visa. It is considered a prime card as are all my other credit accounts. The presence of Providian on my credit reports has not kept me from getting offers for additional prime credit cards.
  8. Eric

    Eric Guest

    RE: Providian Is A Scarlet Let

    I opened a Providian account in 6/98. It started at $400, they have been giving me increases every 4-6 months and they just recently upgraded it to a "Gold" card. Current limit is $2650.

    I think I've been late by a few days once or twice since I opened it.

    I can't complain about them. I pay my bills on time, and they keep increasing the limit. It'll be interesting to see if they still go for an annual fee in June.
  9. Meredith

    Meredith Guest

    RE: Providian Is A Scarlet Let

    If you think Providian is a Scarlett Letter, might I ask what other card companies think when they see CCB on your report?

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