Has SOL has expired?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by confused, Apr 6, 2001.

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    Has the SOL Expired? All the debts/charges were made in the District of Columbia where I am a former resident around 1995 and 1996. When I moved to Arkansas, I made a few payments there with collections and some original credits, but the last payments were made in 1997.

    No suits have been filed against me since I do not owe any properties or anything of value. I have recently received 2 letters from Law Firms trying to collect but no "real" legal action has been pursued. Just information stating that we plan to collect this debt.

    I appreciate your time if you could clarify for me the followings:

    1. Do the 3 year state SOL mean that they are unable to sue me for this debt? It's now 2001 and nothing has happened since 1997 so its now 4 years and I have not made any attempts to pay this debt.

    2. If the Statute of limitation applies to my debts, what are my creditors' options from now on. If I handle a real job with a decent pay and file taxes, could they come after me in any way besides demanding payments by letters or phones.

    3. If I move to another State, will it make it harder on my creditors to bother me from this point on.

    4. Is there a way from this point on not to let my creditors know my place of employment, phone number, check my taxes, etcâ?¦

    I appreciate your time and your valuable and professional answers.
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    You will always owe the debt but, if the sol has expired you can mount what is known as an affirmative defense in that the state says the creditor is too late to use the legal system to collect.
    Personally, I would go to a lawyer and make darn sure of the sol in Ark. on the sort of debt you have. I lloked at a sol web site and all the places you mention say 3 years for cc but, I wouldn't take a web site as the gospel in something like this.
    As much as you've moved, I'm curious how they found you. About all I could suggest is an unlisted phone # and caller id to make it tougher. If you move I would suggest getting a P.O. Box but, I wouldn't move out of stste just for this. Heck your new state may have a 7 year sol. See a lawyer Mon.Most will give a free initial consultaion and if they do charge, it'll be money well spent. Good luck!

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