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    Hello Everyone,
    I am a new member here to your boards and i have done some reading..I am 27 years old and i am taking my creditworthiness serious now..When i post i will talking about my accounts and my wifes too..I see that many of you are regular members and know pretty much what you are talking about..I have quite a few questions to ask but i will do seperate posts in the future for them, However i see alot about cleaning up gredit reports..What is it you maybe cleaning up besides late payments.My report has no late payments or ofer limit fee's..However recently i went on a credit hunt and got probably 12 or so inqueries and i bet that killed me, Same thing with wifes report as well..Below i will list a couple of things that i have noticed on my report that i didnt or don't like..Maybe there is something i could do to make it better..Oh ya may first and last beacon score was on May 11th 2001 and was 690..Ok what i list below will be from my equifax and experian reports..
    1.) Sterling Bank has Paid account/Zero Balance~Account closed by credit grantor~.. Also they have 3 diffrent accounts on there..The other 2 where card report lost or stolen and the other one was Account closed at customers request..This was my first card ever..Cant remember why there are 3 diffrent accounts they where really all the same card but just lost a couple times i belive..

    I dont have my most recent reports on me but i remember a couple of the problems besides the one above.On experian they have me with diffrent addresses but simple errors like 41 prospect st then they will have it 41 prospect st #9..And the same thing with my old address one regular and one with a apartment #..They have my name six diffrent ways..But more importantly..With Experian On closed accounts they are still doing balance history and Providian they have it for 8 months at $0 balance.When do they stop listing it They do it with another one too..This maybe a big thing or maybe not..When i opened my next card i did a balance transfer but didnt know anything about there little fee..On my second statment they charged me $81.00 or something close to that..It was the BT fee and a over limit fee..I called and they removed the over limit fee cuz they charged the BT fee late (second statment) However i noticed on my credit reports they have my High balance over my credit limit by like $40.00..Is this really bad and what could i do to fix it..If i knew i was going to be charged that BT fee i wouldnt of gone over the limit and that is why they credited the OL fee back..
    I thank whoever may respond to this and will be back tommorow to follow up..If you have any questions i will have my most recent reports then (baby sleeping) LoL..But all the help will be greatfull!! I will also be a regular member here for now on.. I will also have questions about some of these cc i have and what i should do..I will post them tommorow too..Thankyou All Bill B

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