HELP! College claiming I owe $2900

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by chrisb, May 3, 2001.

  1. chrisb

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    My wife attended classes at a privite university last Fall. For information, let me say that the university was about 2 1/2 hours away from where we live (She had applied over a year earlier before we were married) During the time of her classes, she became ill and moved back to our home. She had been pregnant and we lost our baby in December. She had recieved federal loans (that we won't owe payment on untili July) and some federal funding in pell grants and stuff like that for part of the money. Now almost 6 months after the end of classes for the Fall semester, the college sent us a bill for $2900. There is a stipulation in the student handbook about leaving without officially withdrawing by not attending classes that claims they can withhold financial aid. But there are also parts in the student handbook allowing for withdrawal due to illness. When she became ill, she E-Mailed and wrote to her professors stating that she became ill and moved back home, hoped to get better and return to class. Now the college is claiming that because she left without officially withdrawing that they supposedly returned much of the money and now are billing us $2900.

    I don't actually fully believe that they even sent back any money, because this school is very dishonest, where they hold on to everything that came in to pay for your classes until the end of the semester, before refunding you the difference ($8000 came in with loans and grants, tuition was only $6000 but they keep the extra $2000 collecting interest from all the students with loans until the end of the semester) The thing is, I need help on figuring out exactly how to take care of this. I have doctor and hospital records to show that the illness is real. Should I write a firm letter to the school stating the situation, and that I have hospital and doctor records, so that we're not responsible, or is there something else more forceful that I should use.

    Any help would be tremendiously appreciated.

    Chris B
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    Call your state's higher eduction authority (who ever guaranteed the loans is who you are looking for). In PA for instance, it is PHEAA. Find out if they actually sent back the funds. If you can't find the right agency call the Dept of Ed for help.

    If they did send it back, you may be out of luck on this bill. You may need to talk to a lawyer. So sorry. What a tragedy.
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    I agree with concerned. It was always my understanding that this is what happened. They want you to withdraw formally. Since your wife walked away from classes without formally withdrawing you may be liable for the whole cost of the tuition.

    Since it says in the handbook that you must withdraw formally, or loose funding you might be stuck. Do like concerned said and call the funding people.

    Your wife should have notified the college. Her professors probably just though she was sending them a note letting them know how she was and when she might be back.
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    Just a note..not a lot of help..but I am so sorry for about the loss of your baby. My daughter lost her baby about 1 1/2 months ago and I know how painful this deepest sympathies.

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