HELP! CREDIT add-ons legit?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kevin, Nov 15, 2000.

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    I got into a situation trying to help someone by using my credit years past. Needless to say,it hurt me. I'm in California,the state where more lawsuits are filed than anywhere else in the country. There are other things that are personal that I can't really get into right now,but I need all suggestions concerning how to raise my FICO score with minimal working capitol. I've been in property management/locating for over 20 years.And worked for various investors.The credit I have now is only 6 or 7 months,but it is all good. I know of one company who will make you a signer on one of their client's accounts by signing a discloser not to use the account,adding history in this legitimate fashion. And of course another method which I am truly looking for is becoming a joint account holder on a credit card of a person with good credit is probably the most solid legitimate method if you can calaterolize the amount of available credit through an escrow account or something. If someone or a company could do this method it would be ideal. I need to leverage low interest capitol for real estate deals.(I've got kids and Christmas is around the corner.) I will listen to all suggestions and any suggestions concerning raising my FICO. Are there indiviuals/companies who can really help you add credit who don't smell like scams? All suggestions welcome please.
    I have a 5k B of A (At max.)
    A 5k personal loan with Beneficial,
    A 500$ providian at 0 bal,
    A 250$ Beneficial 0 bal.
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    RE: HELP! CREDIT add-ons legit

    All I have to say is DO NOT listen anything David posts!!

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