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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Seth-Alien, Oct 24, 2000.

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    can someone give me some help for establishing my credit history. I moved here to California in May from Germany. I opened an account and also rent an appartment. Then i run out of money because of buying furniture and stuff like that for my appartment. I applied for a credit card (it was actually a "debit" AmEx Gold cause the rep on the phone said I should apply for that). The Application declined because of insufficent establ. credit. I was surprised...even more because 2 months before i applied i had bought me a used car and had a 10,000$ credit running. I called my lienholder Bank and they replied that my credit will established after 1 1/2 to 2 years of contineously paying!! That was pretty hard for me!! Now you have a credit but not a real one. I went to my bank after a long argue I got a Mastercard with 1000$ Credit balance (for protecting my account of overdraft). You know how it is you use the card and after a while it is nearly max. Ok I thought you salary is enough to pay a second credit card off. So I decided to apply for a second card. And after reviewing lots of forums and webpages I'm not sure what i should do and for which card i should apply.
    It should be a unsecured one with a good credit limit (more than 1000$). It can be a Gold/Platinum one(because of the benefits). And not that high interest rates. I'd like to have a prime one instead of those sub-prime ones because I read so many diffrent and sometimes strange articles about the sub-prime cards!!! I'm not that experienced and therfore I don't wanna get in trouble!!

    Please help me!!! And Thank you for every advise!!!!

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    RE: Help for establishing cred

    you may not get a prime card because of your credit history.anyway city bank should be the easiest prime card to qualify for seems like everybody is gettig one.
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    RE: Help for establishing cred

    With your credit history it would be difficult to qualify for a prime card. They are quite right when they say that it will take at least a year to build some credit.

    My opinion is: forget about prime cards now.
    Wait 6 months and then try for a Citibank
    Platinum. You don't need another card if your first one is maxed out. Pay it off first, then get a Capital One or Providian or Orchard. After 6 months you should be able to qualify for a Citibank and enter the prime market.

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