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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Marypc, Apr 12, 2001.

  1. Marypc

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    Hi guys,
    i'll try to keep this short: as I have posted before, i am trying to get rid of a negative on my reports, a 1995 paid charge off from GMAC. It is due to fall off in 11/02, but that is almost two years away,and we will be trying for a mortgage early next year. I disputed numerous times, always got verified. I sent 4 letters to the various addresses on my reports for GMAC, got no response. I sent a proof of method of verification letter to all three CRA's. Lo and behold, I get a letter from GMAC saying that they never got my prior letters, but to send them the portion of my credit reports that lists the entry. I did, and got a voice mail at home yesterday. (no name or number, but I had a phone number on the letter.)

    I called back, and was told by this woman that in effect, the whole thing is my fault. That I never told them my maiden name, (funny, they didnt need it to verify all those times) and that the delay was my fault because I kept sending letters to the wrong addresses. I told her that I used the addresses on my credit reports, and since each report had a different addy, I wanted to cover all my bases. This person barely let me get a word in edgewise, was sarcastic and rude, actually shouting at me. I told her GMAC was in violation of the FCRA, (to which she laughed) and when I asked why I couldnt get copies of their records, she told me she only had what was showing on her screen. I asked for that, she refused. This was a loan that originated in 1989, and during the last verification it was updated to include 36 30 day late payments (absolutely untrue.) I asked for copies of whatever they used to come up with that, again she refused.

    I told her she had violated the rules, and if she didnt get the item off, or send me proof of it, I would file complaints to the Atty general, etc. She said go ahead, I'l l write to them too, then hung up on me.

    Where do I go from here? The CRA's are not responding so far to my letters, and GMAC obviously doesnt care that they are in violation. I even brought up the fact that each report shows a different date of charge off. She said fine, I'll correct it so they all show the latest date. (gee, thanks.) I am so frustrated, I have to correct this and I am beginning to think it is impossible. I dont want to file a suit over this, but that seems to be the only option. Any ideas? thanks for reading and sorry this is so long.
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    Mary, did you get a correct address from her? If so, send the validation letter one more time (certified mail, RR). If you don't get a response within 30 days, then follow through with your threat. File a complaint with the FTC and the State AG. GMAC may also be governed by another agency since they are a bank, if so find out who it is and file a complaint with them as well. While you're at it, file a complaint the better business bureau. You can file online, but it has to be for the state where they are located in.

    You will also have to file a suit in small claims. It seems like a pain, but I bet once they get served your problem will be solved. Sue GMAC and also sue the CRA's for reporting false info that you disputed and they didn't verify correctly. They ARE breaking the law. You are entitled to $1000 per violation. That's $3000 since they are violating on 3 different CRA reports. Good luck!
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    Send the final notice better intent to file a suit letter to her directly, or use And send a letter to the CEO. This will get there attention. Also advise them of her rude conduct and lack of professionalism.


    Dont Give Up!!!!Fight the Battle
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    My daughter's friend has had the hardest time correcting incorrect information GMAC listed on her credit reports. I've tried to help her as much as possible, but it's impossible to get contact information for GMAC. All we've been able to get is the customer service number, and they won't provide any information regarding addresses or phone numbers to any other department. They all claim that they can request that the credit information be updated, but nothing has ever happened.

    Because the account is hers, the CRAs keep verifying it, but nothing is happening as far as getting the incorrect information corrected. All the CRAs seem to care about is that the account actually exists.

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