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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jend, Aug 30, 2003.

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    Long story- please hang in there.

    I had a $2000 chargeoff from Spiegel. It went to Capital one who assigned it to NCO. They called me and threatened a lawsuit. I agreed to pay them $1500 for a settlement. I gave them 4 postdated checks in the amounts of $500, $333, $333 and $333. They said they would send a letter a couple days before the check was cashed. No letter came and when my check was returned to me in my bank statement it had the wrong address on it. I tried to call but the number was disconnected. They called and left me numerous messages but when I called the numbers back they were either disconnected, busy or the people couldn't find any record of my name, number or address yet the checks kept going thru. Finally I got in touch with James Coleman. He called to set up my final payment. I reminded him of the arrangement and told him my final payment was already set up. He said Oh yes I see it here. I thought that was odd but I gave him the correct address. That was a month ago. about 4 days ago I received a letter in the mail from them telling me the check for $333 (supposed to be the last ) was coming out 9/1/03 and to have the funds. At the bottom it said the amount still owed was $900. I freaked out. There was a number to call and I tried it at least 10 times since then. It's ALWAYS busy. I tried the number I used for James Coleman... DISCONNECTED. So I put a stop payment of the check.

    So all this to ask... What on earth should I do now?????
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    Did you get the agreement in writing?

    The other problem *might* be that they have your routing and checking # - they could ACH debit you, so I would still keep the funds aside to protect yourself.

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