Help!! Here Is My Experian Report!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CrisGaines, Aug 26, 2001.

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    Hello I am fairly new to the board but love reading it everyday. I am nervous about starting to repair my credit. I dont know what to start with and everthing. I am hoping that someone can give me some help on what to do.

    American General satisfied 10/96
    Sears satisfied 1/97
    Beneficial satisfied 1/97
    Local Business satisfied 5/98
    Western Resources sat. 8/98 w/ incomplete case number
    Western Resources sat 8/98 with wrong amount and incomplete case number

    Credit Items

    Beneficial - Paid/Collection
    Comes off 11/2003

    Credit Management-Collection Acct. Owe $69 I dont believe that this is mine.Comes off 5/2003

    Dillards- Charge off every month since 8/96 comes off in 3/2003

    Dynamic Recovery Services- Collection Acct. Comes off 12-2003. Origanal Creditor SWB.

    Fairlane---Positive Tradeline

    ACS/Helzberg Diamonds- Charged off $154. Comes off 5-2003. Purchased by another lender

    JC PENNYS-- Collection Acct. Owe $266. Comes off 3-2003 Acct closed at grantor's request.

    Providian- Charged off Owe $974 Comes off 6-2007

    Radio Shack/HSB- Charged off $119. Comes off 3-2003 Purchased by another lendor.
    United Credit National Bank- Charged off $24. I dont know what this is!!! Comes off 9-2006

    Zales/ZalesOutlet/HSB- Charge Off $185 Comes off in 11/2001

    NextCard -- Open Never Late

    United Credit National Bank- Card Reported Lost or Stolen/ never late. Stays on record until 5-2001

    I know this is long but I really hope someone or several people can help me figure out where to start.

    I have not heard from any creditors or collection places in several years and dont want to start anything but would love to clean up my credit befor 2154!!! LOL

    Thanks for all your help!!!

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    It's just my personal opinion, but I this is what I would do in order....

    1. Work from oldest information to most current.
    2. Work from satisfied debts to chargeoffs.
    3. Work from small $ to large $
    4. Work collections to orginial creditors

    If you ask 100 people, you may get 100 answers, but I would recommend that you challenge 4 items each investigation, requesting a new investigation every two weeks. Don't forget to look at your Trans Union and Equifax reports also. If you have success having one tradeline removed from a report, include it on your next investigation with one of the other credit reporting agencies.

    Good luck, Keep the Faith,

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    Good input bkev....... :)
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    Hey Cris

    Haven't seen ya around town lately! Stop by sometime.

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    Dispute dispute dispute...have you checked your TU or Equifax report(s)? With all that info on Experian there is probably some cleanup on Eq and TU also.

    Hope they screw up seriously with the validations and then sue them, settle for deletion of all negatives as LizardKing did. Otherwise keep on disputing.

    -Peace, Dave

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