Help! I need a wirless phone!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Killer, Mar 1, 2001.

  1. Killer

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    Which company allows people with damaged credit to have a wireless phone? I think this has been discussed here previously. What was the conclusion? I thought it was mentioned that AT&T does. I called them and they said they will run a credit check. I decided to ask here before I allow a AT&T to do that. HELP!
  2. AnnMarie

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    Re: Help! I need a wirless pho

    Why don't you go with a pre paid phone? I know they sell them here in little town USA at Wal-Mart.
    It's an option--btw I'm not sure anyone REALLY "needs" a cell phone :) Including me--yes, I have

  3. mother2

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    will run a credit check. If your credit is less than perfect, you will have to leave a deposit....I think it's $200. After a year of perfect payment, they will mail you your deposit.
  4. mvfl

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    Re: Help! I need a wirless pho

    The prepaid phones are an option, but you have to pay outrageous rates - you can't get the same deals as on a regular cell phone.

    Call Sprint PCS. They will run a credit check, but they are a little less strict than AT&T. I tried both - AT&T asked for a $400 deposit. Sprint only required $125 deposit - the only catch is that you have a limit on how high the bill can go. If my outstanding balance goes above the $125 they will suspend service until it's paid. I have the "toll free USA" plan which includes 700 free minutes and no long distance for about $70 per month. Of course, they have many other plans to choose from too. I always pay my bill way before the due date to make sure I never go over. After one year of timely payments they will remove the spending limit and return the deposit.

    Apparently, AT&T offers the same thing (the $125 deposit and a spending limit) but they told me I didn't qualify for it.
  5. river

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    Re: Help! I need a wirless pho

    I have Sprint PCS and w/150.00 deposit I got the 2000 minutes program.39.95/month.It is not a re-pay phone if your payments are current up to date in 6 months,they will refund your deposit.
  6. sam

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    Re: Help! I need a wirless pho

    Ask to use your credit card on the AT&T application, i did that a while back, you are accepted automatically.
  7. MikeG

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    Re: Help! I need a wirless pho

    ATT will give anyone a cell phone is you allow them to deduct the funds from a credit card each month. They still run check. That is how I got my phone.

    Mike G.
  8. Howdy

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    Re: Help! I need a wirless pho

    Southwestern Bell, which is now Cingulair, has pretty lenient credit check policies. My sister had a bankruptcy and was able to get a phone from SWBell with only a $20 payment for the phone (it was actually a donation -- make a donation to some charity and get a free phone). She had to sign a two year contract, but she was able to get a phone and service plan without a deposit.
  9. Hal

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    Re: Help! I need a wirless pho

    What is ironic is I had an AT&T Wireless account on my credit record with a $64.00 charge off from when I livedin California.

    A friend at work was selling Cell Phone service on the side, and I placed an application, not knowing it was AT&T. I got the phone with no deposit on a "Managed Plan" $200.00 limit for one year. After 6 months I received a letter from AT&T that due to good payment I was no longer on Managed plan.

    Both accounts appear next to one another on my credit report. I think some dealers have the capability to get you activated under certain plans without a credit check.
  10. Jane

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    Re: Help! I need a wirless pho

    I recently got a phone and wireless service from VoiceStream and I do not think they did a credit check. I did not have to pay a deposit. I have a Capital One card and two Providian cards (V,MC). I called the toll free number (1888 streams) after having researched the best deal at a fantastic website at
    At you enter your area code or zip code (I forget) and it tells you of all the possible plans available, who the sellers are, what phones go with which package, where to buy locally if you do not want to buy over the net and cost of everything. It is an incredible site. I was able to compare plans and for me I found a package that fit.

    Anyway, check out and you will also be given the toll free numbers or websites for the phone dealers and you can inquire at those places about credit checks. For instance, you can call Sprint or ATT or VoiceStreams or whomever and ask if they do credit checks. If they say yes, then hang up. No big deal. Good luck!
  11. molly

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    Re: Help! I need a wirless pho

    I got a phone thru At&t. I think they checked Trans Union, it's not on my updated Exp. or Equifax report as a inquiry. I have one negative item on Trans and it wasn't even an issue. Of course I didn't say anything to the girl at the store. I don't think I have a cap like some people do, I didn't ask and she didn't tell me. Try At&t.
  12. roni

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    AT&T will with credit card

    The AT&T co will take you but with credit card payments only. This is what they were doing just a few months ago. You have to tell them that is what you want. Maybe the rep forgot or didnot think to offer that to you..

    If not, Sprint PCS will. They charged me a $125 deposit. I saw them do this for people with AWFUL credit, so Iwould give it a try. Infact I applied right online. They do the credit check and then tell you to give them a credit card # to put the deposit on. You have to sign up for 1 year service for this also.

    I got my deposit back in November. So I got my deposit back after 6 months of good payments. I hope this helps.

  13. Jane

    Jane Guest

    no deposit

    Voicestream okayed my application over the phone in seconds. They just run the credit card account and it comes back approved and they do not do a credit history check.
    I did not have to put down a deposit. I got a Nokia phone for $19.99 which was billed to my credit card when I applied. Then I got a paper bill about 5-6 weeks later for my first month usage which was $19.99 (I have the 75 minutes anytime and 250 free long distance weekend minutes. The weekend minutes is a promo that is good for 6 weeks). There is NO annual contract! My account is active until I decide to cancel it, which I could at anytime.

    It is a great plan for me who only wanted the phone for emergencies. But they have very good calling plans for those that use their phones for other calls. They are very friendly and courteous and it is easy to get to their customer service and technical services departments. or 1 888 streams
  14. MikeC

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    Re: no deposit


    I had to post a $100 deposit but have an account with Unicel Digital, 2000 mins for 39.99/mo., which has been good to me. I don't think anyone will sign you up these days without a credit check. My credit ain't good though, and yet the deposit wasn't bad. I already got it back after 6 months of on time payments. Unicel isn't everywhere though, so it might not be an option. I guess I'd look into Sprint or Verizon otherwise. Good Luck on it though. I have a cable modem and my digital phone so I was able to tell US West what they could do with their line, and man that felt great.
  15. Killer

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    Re: no deposit

    Thanks everyone! Thanks everyone!

    I started a new job and on the 1st day they couldn't find me! Boy did that look bad. This cell phone will solve that. My employer will cover my phone expenses but I must pay upfront. I got real nervous because my credit is damaged and did not want to pay a whole lot. With everyone's help I know I can find a good deal.

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