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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ben, Mar 27, 2001.

  1. Ben

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    My wife and I are trying to buy a house. I checked our credit reports and my wife has a judgement on her credit from a year ago. This came from her cosigning a house lease contract for her mother. The leaser was a real pain and caused great heartache for her mother who was eventually forced out of the house. He then sued her for $8700. My wife was never served and we had no idea that the judgement had been made against her. Is there any way to get this off of our credit.

    Please Help!!!
  2. Collector

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    No. "...cosigning a house lease contract..." That means the contract was legally binding. Your wife can appear on the hearing date and dispute it but I don't see that helping much. The judge only grants judgement on the fact that a contract was signed. The collection of said judment lies in the hands of the lessor so maybe you could work out a settlement.
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    That is a crock. If a defendant has not been served, there can be NO legal judgment. I would ask for a hearing or file a motion to dismiss the judgment based on the fact you were not served. Chances are the judgment will be vacated, but they will try to have you served, and will probably have a server at the hearing in case the judge does in fact dismiss the judgment.
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    How do I get in touch with these?
  5. mother2

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    you can do a search

    for any of the 2. Lot's of info. Good Luck
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    Re: you can do a search

    A party must be served by mail or in person, depending on the state statutes, in order for a Judgement to be valid. You should request a copy of the court records from the court clerk, including proof of service. File a motion to Vacate Judgement with the same court and include the copies of the court file showing no service as evidence.
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    judgement deleted

    I got my judgement deleted with the advice from what someone (sorry didn't recall who you were) gave me.

    I sent a letter to the CB stating that the judgement was never enforced, that I'm making payment arrangements with the original creditor, and that was all it took. :)
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    Re: judgement deleted

    Hal is correct. You have to file a "motion to vacate judgment" with the same court, claiming you were never served.

    If the judgment is the only negative item on your report, first try to dispute it yourself. Then, if it comes back verified, you may want to consider rataining Junum.

  10. Saar

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    Re: judgement deleted

    rataining => retaining

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