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    Hi Everyone! I haven't been around in quite a while, but now I have a problem. Back in Jan. I ordered a CR. I discovered that back in 5/96 I had a electric bill that went to collections. To make a long story short, I left home and never went back. I assume my ex- husband stuck me with this bill when he put the service in his name and I was never aware of it till this year. I never in over 5 years received any correspondence concerning this acct. from the elec. co. I disputed with the CRAs several times, It always came back verified. I called the elec. co. and they did not have any record of the acct under the number on my credit report and kept referring me back to the CRAs. In April, was the last verified update from CRA's. Last week I got a letter from a collection agency. I called today and explained this story. They offered me a settlement of $120. I wanted to call the elect company one more time.(to see if I could get a deletion in return for payment) Ironic, the number Equifax gave was disconnected. I called the local office, gave them the acct number. They asked for my SS number and a brand new acct number popped right up. They said all the acct numbers changed in 8/99. The only information they had was my name (wrong one), service address and amount in collections. I asked to talk to someone who would have the other information and was transferred. Imagine, I had to tell this story again.
    I finally asked to talk to the manager and I asked her to validate this acct. They do not have any records except the basic info. and that it went to collections on 8/96. She said that back then they accepted aps over the phone. She said that this was verified as my debt by the auditors last year. I said that they can't validate, but I would pay in return for deletion. Of course they can't do that. They say I owe the debt, which I probably do, but seeing I never got a bill or a collection notice from them in over 5 years. However the Collection Agency had no problem at all finding me the first try.
    OK, Now my question. If I pay this off today, does this re-age this to todays date? Or does it add another 7 years onto my record from today? I only have 1 yr 7 mos. to go before it goes away. The Collection agency tells me that they don't report. Its up to the creditor to do that.
    What should I do? Pay it or dispute it and make them validate? What is my legal recourse? I figure if all they have is my old name, old address, SS number and amount owed. Its not much to go on. The creditor seems to have no interest in coming to a resonable and fair conclusion for both of us. They referred me to the PUC to file a dispute. Help Please, I must call the collector back today with a decision. Thanks
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    YES do not pay. Paying will add another 7 years to an account that is 5+ years aged. Paying will not remove the negative entry and it will begin again the 7 year clock. Do not pay that is, unless the CA will give you IN WRITING a note saying they will delete for payment in full. Do not deal with the CA by phone anymore. Demand validation from the CA that you owe the money, as the account is not yours! Or if you do pay, demand deletion for payment in writing (still never admit that the account is yours or you owe the money).


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