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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mglanham, Jul 18, 2001.

  1. mglanham

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    Hello all,

    Heres the story, I have a Providian charge off that I started paying, then read this board and quit paying. I sent letters offering payment for deletion. I have sent disputes with the CRA's. I have exhausted all my known avenues. I am thinking of paying it off (150 dollars/ balance was 344 very small charge off) and trying to get it deleted after. Any suggestions or support would be appreciated. I just feel that I am losing this one and if I pay the 150 it may help my chances in the long run......................
  2. Donna

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    From my experience, Providian is very hard to work with. If you never mess up, they're great! On the other hand, if you do, you're sunk.

    About three years ago, I encountered some severe financial difficulties and Providian was one of the accounts I had to temporarily put in abeyance. At the time, my philosophy was to pay rent first; utilities, second; and credit cards, third. So, the end result was a 90-day late showing on my reports from Providian. At that point, things were getting better so I called them up to see what was necessary to bring my account current. Per Providian's directive, I immediately sent a $400 payment, via Western Union and, from that point forth, I was never late again. For the next seven months, I faithfully made payments until my balance hit zero.

    Would Providian forgive my shortcomings? Not even a little. For starters, they refused to reopen my account, even with a small limit, and I haven't been able to talk them into any deletions. A recent letter from them indicated that, according to their records, my current rating was accurate and the marks on the credit reports would stand.

    I wish I could give you more hope in dealing with Providian. I've found them to be very unyielding and even snotty in their attitude. If you do pay the chargeoff, my guess is that you'll have a difficult time getting it deleted. Your best approach, probably, is continued negotiations. The amount you owe is small and maybe you can strike a deal.

    Paid chargeoffs can be tough! I know because I've been trying to get one removed for over a year now. It's off Transunion but I still have Experian and Equifax to go. Equifax deleted the bad mark once but now it's back on.

    Good luck. Please keep the board posted.

  3. mglanham

    mglanham Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the insight. I am dealing with 2 chargeoffs. I just got one removed on Experian and have no idea how. I sent a dispute and it magically disapeared. I wish I had that kind of luck with all the CRA's. Oh well, I think I will try to negotiate a bit more and see what happens. Anyone know the name of a good supervisor over there.............
  4. Donna

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    If you were able to get Experian to delete a paid chargeoff, then let me buy you a drink! I'm impressed! I've been dealing with that confounded bureau for over a year now and they are nearly impossible to budge! Some late pays have come off but that confounded paid chargeoff I have still remains.

    Maybe you'll have better luck with Providian than I did. Even after I contacted the executive offices, via Planet Feedback, they still wouldn't budge and this was after I pursued every other avenue I could think of. The most Providian would offer me was a secured card and I certainly wasn't interested in that. They steadfastly refused to delete the late pays and I couldn't get them to rehabilitate my account.

    Thank God for other companies! Despite Providian's attitude, I've been able to move upwards and onwards.


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