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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Need credi, Mar 25, 2000.

  1. Need credi

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    Hello...I am looking for a little bit of advise. I am looking to apply for a credit card to help me restablish my credit. I was in a car accident 2 years ago and my credit report shows all the bills from that (it is in the middke of a lawsuit) as well the credit fraud I am trying to clear up. I am a Wisconsin resident so I am uneligable for a lot of the cards that are designed for people with poor credit. Does anyone have any suggestions. I already opened a Capital One acct and that seems to be the only one that I was able to get. Your help is appreciated. Thank you - A friend in need of a credit card
  2. wendy

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    HELP! I am a 19 year old female who is completely self supporting but I have little to no credit. I am trying to find a credit card with a large limit and a low interest rate to help me build up my credit and rid me of my existing credit cards.
  3. Goldy

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    I just recently got married, and had my third child. The only credit that I have is with Gateway, and I would like to get a credit card to have just in case emergencies arise. I want a limit of at least $1000. Where can I go for help?
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    If you are looking for a good credit card try Nextcard. They have no annual fee, no reservation fee, they do balance transfers and the APR is between 2.9% and 12.9%. I got one a few days ago and I was able to transfer my balances on four different credit cards I already have. Using it on the internet is easy and safe. Go to or Call 1-888-974-2265. Just have all your normal credit card info and you will be approved in minutes. Believe me this is a great card!!! I was happy to get this because I have a total of 6 credit cards not including this one. Now I am not sure about people with no credit but try it anyway, and don't go for credit cards that you have to pay a processing fee or annual membership fee, those suck. But if you don't have credit and Nextcard doesn't give you a card, try for a Bankfirst action card, you have to pay a total of $140.00 in processing and annual fees but they charge it right to your account if you can't get Nextcard, but the BankFirst Action card is good for those with no or awful credit you decide. Hope this helps you guys. You are welcome in advance!!!
  5. reba

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    I was wondering if you could help me find a credit card i messed up and i would like a second chane please contact me
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    TRY PROVIDIAN. they charge an annual fee but this is a great card if you want to rebuild a bad credit history. just call their customer service at 1-800-356-0011 and they'd instantly give you a 1,000 dollar credit limit. of course, after agreeing to pay an annual fee of $59, if i remember it correctly. plus, after three months of consistent payment, they'll offer a line increase up to $2,200. i hope this helps. i've been a providian card holder for more than three months now and i got my line increase last january. i have a bad credit history myself. all i can say is that this credit card works for me even if it has a bit high APR (23%). but, oh well, beggars can't be choosers, right?. just pay your credit bills on time, next time.
  7. brad

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    Try MBNA America. I have had a Mastercard and a loan with this company for six months now, and am very pleased with the quality of the service I have received. I am a 19-year-old student who did not have any credit before contacting MBNA. They are very good at providing students and new credit users with low-cost cards. The finacing fees are completely manageable, and there are absolutley no application fees. I was able to obtain a $1000 credit limit and a $2000 loan on absolutley no credit.
    MBNA's customer support is also one of the best in the business. Their people are extremely fast and friendly, and I have never been left feeling that they did not answer my questions. You can apply for one of hundreds of cards at
    MBNA is the largest independent credit provider in the country.

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