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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by cd, Oct 15, 2000.

  1. cd

    cd Guest

    I received a secered card from Carital one three months ago and last month got one from Providian both are secured with the standard I think 49.00. And yesterday I received a card Visa and Mastercard from Premeir with no security deposit but very low limits on all three. I have some bad credit in the past but its been like 7 years ago not to bad since is there a card I should try for unsecured or should I just keep these three and try to get a increase? I am new to the credit cards but would love to build new credit this way if can. Can I get some advise here? Thanks
  2. Creditinsi

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    Capital One and Providian are good cards to build credit with, if you make your payments on time and depending on what's on your credit report they will periodically review your account for upgrades, credit increases.


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  3. Doris K.

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    I agree. The cards you currently have aren't the ones you'll want to keep forever. Just work hard to build a strong rating with what you've got.

    For now, you probably shouldn't apply for any other cards. As long as you maintain your accounts well, you'll see higher credit limits soon. Don't count on having a perfect credit limit instantly. Expect to work on it for at least two years.
  4. cd

    cd Guest

    Is there a faster way to do this I mean build up my credit with some other cards?

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