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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Camaro68rs, Jun 30, 2001.

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    My credit report reflects 3 defaulted student loans thru Citibank. I have read that accounts not paid as agreed would be shown for 7 years. Does this apply to student loans taken thru Citibank ? 7 years from what time - date opened , date of last activity , or date reported ? The report also shows collection account thru NY Higher ED - thus my debt is being reported on 4 lines - 1 thru NYHES & 3 from Citibank - is this correct & legal to have the debt recorded twice - thru bank & now now thru collection agency. Can I dispute the 3 from Citibank as double listing ? account closed ? Please help regarding the double listing & SOL for student loans. I need to know when the SOL clock starts. The 1st I5 on the citibank loans is 09/95.


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