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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by geekpipe, Mar 30, 2001.

  1. geekpipe

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    I have an account that was settled with several lates from cap1. They made some money off this account (several hundred). It came back verified after being settled for like 6 months! WHY? Why would they care? COuld I write them and ask for them to remove the account or change the status? Anyone tried this?
  2. Aux

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    My husband got the same problem from Cap 1, It have been for almost 2 years. This account was settled, several late payment and closed. He did dispute as "not mine" but it came back varified. Now He lets Junum do the job. Don't know the result yet.

  3. Sandra

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    Re: Same!

    I had a Capital One account in the early 90's. We paid them off in 1997. There were several late payments on the credit reports. Before I found this wonderful site, I wrote several letters and made phone calls to Cap One asking that they remove the lates. I had no luck - they just would not budge. I disputed with all three bureaus and Cap One verified. Finally I gave up and joined Junum. Junum got it off on their first try!!!!
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    I wish Junum help me with this. This item is shown as charge off (R9). If Junum can help, I and my husband will be very happy.

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