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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nCREDulITy, Aug 18, 2003.

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    Okay.I have this Firestone Autopass account which I somehow always manage to forget/put off until I get a late charge. In the past two years I have gone 30pd on it 5 times, fairly well spread out, but they're there on Eq. I bought a pair of tires in '98 and have now paid for them about 4 times. (stupid,stupid,stupid!) This long closed account is now current, and has around a $150 balance. How might I go about getting the tradeline deleted or the lates removed? I don't have a high balance or approaching SOL to negotiate with. Comany checks are made out to is Creditfirst, NA.

    Another thing is, apart from this, I have:
    1.) Two other 30's showing on Eq.( One $62 CA delinquency which is BOGUS.!!!(Stupid Hollywood video lost a DVD, Kept telling me they'd probably find it, not to worry. We straightened it out in the store, and their Collection arm dinged me anyway. Just found out and have started working on that.)
    3.) 99% usage, 19,000 debt on 38,000 salary. Several "Closed by Credit Grantor" notations, but plenty of active stuff and no BD or Charge Offs.

    My Eq score ( is 577.

    I noted that Thee One's Eq score is 553, with Charge offs flying out of their butt.(no offense, Thee One.)
    This seems goofy to me.
    Am I just in No Man's land? Not good enough to on the one hand, to have avoided problems, but not bad enough to motivate my creditors.(not a squeaky enough wheel to get greased?)

    Anywho, the main question for now is still, how do I go about getting rid of the Firestone 30's?
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    The Firestone account seems to be your BEST trade line, judging by your post. I would concentrate on getting the CA accounts deleted - they are hurting your FICO far more than a couple of 30-days.

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