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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by moneyelf, Sep 8, 2003.

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    Hi All-

    Please bear with me, here. if anyone knows the answers to these questions please offer your wisdom. I had my item disputes ready to go when I read about old addresses-And my head is swimming! Been reading a LOT about the weight of disputing old addresses here and on other sites but find myself confused.

    1) How should I do this? Some say dispute that they are old, some say dispute that they are simply incorrect. Some say call the CRA's. Experian gave me an auto referral to a regional number (sister company!). The rep sounded like a robot-didn't let me do anything over the phone! (BTW my number was blocked-how did Experian's auto referral know where I was callng from???Anyway I have decided to go the papertrail route at this stage)

    2) Is it true that the buruau's only need my *current address* ? along with my name, SS# ( I wil also send a copy of the front of my SS card and a current bill).
    3) Can they legally ask for the last 5 years worth of addresses? (or my current employer) Because I have mostly used my PO Box and all mail goes there now.
    4) Can someone reply with a general address dispute letter (or direct me to one) that I can personalize for disputing old or incorrect addresses? Whichever way is better. All that I need to dispute initially are under old addresses (one address listed in my infiles is stated as "zero" and then the city!)

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    If you have a copy of a Experian report so that you have a report number just call
    Just tell them that you did not live there. They will tell you they will update them. Mine were gone the next day.
    I had many, so I called twice and did half each time.
  3. moneyelf

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    Thank you! Still waiting to access my Equifax report online. They sent my login via e-mail and are mailing my password via snail mail! They said they could not confirm my id online. So I wait and then I will get my report number when I log on report was pulled as an infile, which iIwanted but it does delay little things like the above :)
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    learnig how to bump

    please see my latest post-dont know how to delete this one so editing

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