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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mindylou, Jul 4, 2001.

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    My fiance had an initial credit limit of 1000, and was increased to 1250 only after he requested an increase. It was a waste of an inquiry for only 250, and that is with 2 1/2 years of on time payments.
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    Re: Sam's club

    Sam's clubs here take mastercard.
  3. brad

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    Re: Discover card

    Mindylou,applied on-line 11/00 and was approved for 5k.Called a couple of weeks ago for a CL increase and was told to call back in six weeks?
  4. greyfox

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    I agreed to accept a platinum Discover via a phone call a couple of months ago...the initial CL was a princely $10, hightest limit. I had just gotten a BOA platinum VISA at $5000. I think my FICO must have been around 730-750 at the time.

    I have not used the card yet...the go-to rate is too high, (16.9%) and I have better BT rates for longer times with my BOA Plat. and Citi Plat Select and my NextCard rate is lower for purchases.

    I called retention when I got the card, because of the go-to rate, and seriously considered cancelling it because I hadn't gotten my pre-approval on Citi Plat. when I accepted the card, and was afraid I would be showing too many open accounts, and wouldn't get the Citi card. However, it all worked out, and I got the Citi card. Retention indicated that I could qualify for a lower rate after I build up a record with Discover. (Don't they ALL say that?)

    I had a customer rep from Discover call last week, and she was quite disappointed that I wouldn't take advantage of the BT. I like the Citi BT good until 2/02 and the BOA good for life of the BT.

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