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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jo, Aug 1, 2000.

  1. Jo

    Jo Guest

    My application with MBNA was declined soley on the amount of available credit I have with other creditors. The thing is, I'm willing to close about $20,000 in credit in exchange for a $7,000-$8,000 card with them. I remember that someone here was able to get through to a supervisor or someone who approved the application after speaking with him/her and was wondering if anyone could direct me to who that may be or who else @ MBNA might be able to override the declination. The only thing I've gotten from them is a PO BOX in Deleware and the promise of reconsideration.
    So, I'm just wondering if anyone here can help me out. Thanks!
  2. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    Jo- I think you may be thinking about my AMEX card. I went to an Account Mgr and told her live about my past credit experiences - she listened then approved me for the Card.

    Why not try for the AMEX Card?
    I got the Green Card for a $55 annual fee and no preset limit. I pay that off every month.

    You can also go for the BLUE Card which revolves - no fees / 9.9% on balances.

    You could probably call 1800THECARD, tell them you weren't accepted by MBNA due to ..... They would probably approve you to steal you away from MBNA.

    Good luck!
  3. Jo

    Jo Guest

    LOL...thanks...actually, I was doing the exact same thing as you at around the same time and I got the AmEx Gold Charge & Blue out of it! So, by the way, thanks A LOT for that help! As far as MBNA, oh well...I just got an increase on my BofA to $22,000 so screw MBNA...I have my big credit lines now! Again, thanks for your help with AmEx!
  4. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    ZAP MBNA w/ AMEX Service

    That really says something about AMEX :)
    You really should TAKE A MINUTE, write the PO BOX they gave you and now decline them.

    Tell them you are very pleased with your new AMEX Gold and BLUE, and that they were thrilled to help you the moment you explained the ludicrous MBNA declination.

    They may send you a Quantum Card - their new high octane card. BUT who cares - the AMEX opens the world without a care or a concern.
    Any AMEX is still the premier prestige card.
    THX JO :) Dog
  5. Jo

    Jo Guest

    RE: ZAP MBNA w/ AMEX Service

    LOL! Thanks Dogman! BTW, how's your new AMEX Card? They seem to be good about upgrades and when I called inquiring about when I could convert to the Platinum Card (I'm a traveler so the card has its advantages worth the $300/YR! YIKES) and the rep said that they could change products on a whim it's just a matter of which rep you speak with and how benevolent he or she feels like being. My brother, for example, had an Optima with a $1,500 line and wanted the Optima Platinum Cash Back Card and the first few reps he called said that they couldn't upgrade him BUT, in about two weeks, he spoke with a nice woman who clicked a few keys and after his cycle closed, he had a Platinum AmEx card within a week. He actually called and got an increase on the card, too....making the line a whopping $2,000! :-D BTW, I should mention that he had his card for 3 weeks before the upgrade. AMEX really is the best.
    BUT, anyway, my point for all that nonsense is that for an extra $20 a year, I'm sure you could upgrade to the Gold Charge card which has perks that justify the additional amount. Good Luck and THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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