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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MThornton, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. MThornton

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    Back in 1996, I received student loans that were guaranteed through the State of New York. Well, after going through a divorce I ran into problems and defaulted on the original loans. The original creditor then turned everything over to the state of New York and washed their hands clean of things by showing a Paid Charge Off on my record. I have since rehabbed my loan and the state of New York has removed it's negative remarks about the loans and the new creditor is showing all is well and good. The question is, what route should I take to get the original creditor to remove their negative remarks? Should I try validation first? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. brian71

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    I disputed online with the CRAs, using the code OTHER. For the text, I said something like "Fed Loan Rehab complete through company XXXXX. Please remove derog status." It worked for all of them (either TLs deleted or changed to positive) except for two I am still working on. I MIGHT have done 'NOT MINE' on one of them, not sure. But as of yet, have not sent ANY letters, just the normal online disputes.
  3. MThornton

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    Has anyone else handled this another way? I currently have an online dispute going for something else and I'm fearful of tipping off the Credit Bureaus that I'm trying to repair my credit if I start disputing too many online. (I read from somewhere on here that the last thing you want to do is tip off the Credit Bureaus as far as credit repair goes) I'm just trying to get as many options as possible. The remarks from the original creditor are the big hitters on my credit report and if I'm lucky enough to get rid of them, I'll be one happy person. Does validation do any good when the status is Charged off paid? This board has been great so thanks ahead of time for any help from others.

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