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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by fxs158, Aug 6, 2003.

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    Hi all,

    Been reading this forum for over a week now, I have found it to be very informative! I am ready to ask some questions as my situation is a little different, maybe some of you could provide me ideas on how to tackle my problem.

    Fist let me start that I had several student loans and some where discharged due to a disability. Unfortunately my Doctor made a mistake and the two student loans I had left where not discharged because he signed on the paper that my disability commenced when I started seeing him rather than the way it happened 2 years later. Any way I know that maybe i can get the Doctor to fix his mistake and get all the loans payed for but putting that aside I would like other suggestions.

    First of all some of my loans that where payed are still reflected as charged as a bad debt etc. The one copied and paste from experian is even incorrect by saying that the open date is march 2002 when in fact my loan was made back in 1998. I tried disputing item but I do not think I used the "it is not mine " approach, I might have simply told them that it was payed for. However under remarks it says dispute resolved and then I contested that and they simply added customer disagrees. Is there a way I can still try to get this listing removed?

    Also is it a good idea or a bad idea to send Validation letter to Pheea?


    Account Number: XXXX
    Acct Type: Installment Education Loan Installment account
    Acct Status: closed
    Monthly Payment: $0
    Date Open: Mar, 2002
    Balance: $3,411
    Terms: N/A
    High Balance: $3,066
    Limit: N/A
    Past Due: $3,411
    Remarks: dispute resolved - consumer disagrees

    Payment Status: Collection account

    Second Problem, last December I entered w\on a agreement with NCO "they are collecting my other student loans" I entered the rehab program to get me out of default, however after four payments I get hit with a letter for garnishment and they have been taking money out of my check. Of course I can't pay both accounts NCO and the garnishment. Anything I can do to get the garnishment off? Unfortunately since garnishment is considered a involuntary payment they will not remove me of default unless I start paying them a additional $100 on top of the garnishment for 12 months.

    Thanks for help in advanced.
  2. fxs158

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    My only advice is do NOT drop out of the REHAB program no matter what! You would have to start over again! Personally (though I dont have that much experience) I would fight the garnishment, but KEEP paying the loan rehab payment...

    My 2 cents
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    Bryan thanks for reply, I called today and signed up on the rehab program again. I wish I could get rid of the darn Garnishment but the lady at Pheea said that after 12 months of payment they will remove the garnishment. Hope that is the case.
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    I believe wage garnishments cannot leave you with less than 30 times the minimum wage. I don't know what you make, but someone I work with only works part time and they are taking $75 a week out of her, which is about $45 too much. I'm not sure all payroll departments know the law. If you are not making a lot of money, I'd do some research and inquire.


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