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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Saral43, Jul 16, 2008.

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    A family member at my residence on July 8th, was served a Civil Summons for me & the Summons has an old address listed as my residence. Date of issue is July 2nd, 2008. (I live in NC) Creditor is Citi Bank. Alleged sum of $5,879.97 @ 29.240% interest. SOL in NC I believe is three years.

    Card was issued to me in NYS. Long story short-- things were fine, then a sickness, no health insurance, lost job & I simply canâ??t afford to pay these s trumped up charges.(The 29.240% usury fees are bloody outrageous & I know I didnâ??t contract for this card at those obscene & insane percentage rates.)

    â?¢ Attached to Summons is an Affidavit from an â??unknownâ?? source in Missouri. Stamped on top of affidavit is â??EXHIBIT A.â?

    â?¢ Also a copy of Citi Credit Card statement dated 5/19/2008 (incidentally I NEVER recieved this statement in the mail)

    â?¢ And a request letter from MANN BRACKEN, LLC for the local Court to serve Civil Summons. (Not dated)

    Question, what is the proper way to answer & respond to the Summons, & where may I find sample letters, to both the court & Validation Letter samples to be sent to the Attorney?

    Would it be prudent to see if these folks pulled my credit report?

    Thank you
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    Citi invoked a default APR and the fee's were mentioned in the Agreement. However, you may attempt to contact opposing counsel and work out something. Otherwise, Citi retains competent counsel and you have no claims against the firm. Validation attempts are foregone at this point.

    Attempt to settle . . .

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