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  1. CASPER72

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    HELP!!!! (LONG)

    Hello Everyone

    I just love this board and try to come here at least once if not more times a day to try to find info to help me without having to ask! But..... here is the problem. I started looking over my equifax and experian reports yesterday and came across some weird things.

    what does a case number on experian and equifax look like?

    I have case numbers that have 2numbers then a letter and then four numbers.

    I have case numbers that only have four numbers

    I have judgements that are listed twice on a report and one case number has 2 numbers then a letter and then four numbers while the other one looks as though they added a zero after the letter for an extra number

    I have a judgement on equifax listed for $198 and on experian it is listed for $659 when the total was paid just befor court and it should have never been listed.

    I have a judgement that on experian it has 2 numbers then a letter and then 4 numbers and on equifax the same judgement has the same thing only they added a zero behind the letter.

    I dont even know where to begin because except for the two that were paid befor court the others are valid debts that I have satisfied.
    Plus I have one credit report listed items and the amounts are different from the other credit report.

    Can someone please guide me into the light???

    Any help is appreciated!!!!


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  2. CASPER72

    CASPER72 Well-Known Member

    Re: HELP!!!! (LONG)

    Can someone help me please?

    thank you


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Re: HELP!!!! (LONG)

    SORRY, I can't help...don't know about case numbers...NEVER had one.

    Maybe someone else.
    If nobody answers in 2 minutes...don't assume they don't have an answer or that nobody read it.
  4. Becky

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    Re: HELP!!!! (LONG)

    I have the same thing happening to me. Right now I am fighting with a ton of those.

    One is a double lisitng of a CC from 1995. Entered once with the actual account number reported as charged off with a large balance. dated 5/95

    The second with only the last 7 digits of the account. Was reported the same as above, but with a date of 4/95.

    I just disputed those. The second they put in ch7 (which was right in 95.) with $0 balance.

    The first they stated was correct & that I was probably given to accounts cause sometimes they do that for their customers. Nothing was verified or they would have discovered that I had only one account ever.

    The account numbers or docket numbers should appear just as they do on any paperwork you have. Sometime they shorten them by putting XXX.... instead of the intire account number.

    So I would start disputing each as inaccuaretly reported account numbers or docket numbers. Please delete or correct. Let them figuare it out.

    What happened to 5 of my items disputed that way. They were all deleted.

    Hope it helps a little. Good luck

  5. LKH

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    Re: HELP!!!! (LONG)

    If the account numbers are wrong, just dispute them as not mine. That would not be lie. If they have wrong account numbers they should have a problem verifying those accounts.

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