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  1. Tim

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    I am new to this board, but have already learned a lot from reading it. I have a question that I hope you guys can help with. I recently made the last payment on my car loan. Shortly after the finance company received the last payment, but before the payment due date, I began to receive telephone calls for a past due amount of nearly $400. This "past due" amount does not match my monthly payment and when I asked on various occasions what it was for, I was given a number of different answers ranging from accrued late fees to a past due payment. I have sent letters to the creditor asking for some explanation of this past due amount to no avail. I hate to just buckle and pay it without being given a good reason for its being due, but I am in the process of buying a house and am terrified that the car finance company will report me as past due to the credit bureas?
  2. Mist

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    Right away you must do ONE thing and that is to call all three bureaus and tell them that there is a dispute with this creditor and that you want your file for the account marked as "Dispute Under Fair Credit Billing Act - resolution pending."

    That will prevent them from adding any negatives to any of your files until you and they have figured out what it's all about and come to some resolution. I believe you are protected for 90 days. I would back it up with a letter to your State's Attorney General and the FTC for good measure.

    Good luck.
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    Let me guess....Ford Credit??

  4. Kitty

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    Be persistent, and ask to speak to Management. Attach a copy of your cancelled check along with the statement showing paid in full. Demand something in writing as well. Good luck.
  5. Tim

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    Actually a crummy sub-prime finance company -- Triad Financial.

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