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  1. STEVE G

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    I have been lurking here for a while and appreciate all the info and help i've found here. Two things, I am looking for another sub prime CC(have 1 cap1 w 1800 limit with a $500 sec deposit on it, and a new cap1 "Gold" with a $200 limit, would like 1 more Visa or MC for Xmas which I will pay off after Jan. 1. My credit situation is this. I have about 13 chargeoffs from 1996, the cap1 card I've had since 5/99, the gold is just in the last month, no negs on these. I have 2 sub prime auto loans, one with Nicholas Finance since 10/97, no lates, no negs and Auto One acceptance since 7/99 no lates or neg. Both auto loans are jt w/the wife. I am looking at applying for the K-mart issued by cap1, the Aspire, DMB or Nextcard. Which one is easy to get? Also recently applied to Peoplefirst to try and get a new auto to replace my 94 Ford Aerostar financed with Nicholas, and was declined. Can anybody tell me What other sub prime aut lenders I could try with no $$ down to get a new minivan?
    Sorry this is so long but thanks for all your help.

  2. dave

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    try wells fargo financial
  3. Chet

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    Avoid DMB and (especially) Aspire! Aspire's apr is 30+% and DMB waits 15 days to post credits to your account.
    And here's the worst: neither DMB or Aspire report to the Credit bureaus.

    I have both of these cards and in retrospect, I would have steered cleared of these cards if I had been more informed. I will be canceling both shortly.

    Try Providian, First Consumers National Bank, or First North American National Bank.

    Your best shot is with Providian!

  4. STEVE G

    STEVE G Guest

    Thanks Dave & Chet, I currently have a pre approved from Providian, $49 Security, $59 annual fee $300 limit, but have not sent it yet, I am looking for a limit a little higher, the interest is of no concern because after bonus time(Dec. 31) I can just pay it off up to $3K. So I guess I'm looking for the highest limit, easiest to get(with my credit referenced above) regardless of the APR. I have a contact at Wells for the auto loan, but I left her a message 3 days ago and have not heard back from her. I will try again but am opn to more suggestions.


  5. CCMax

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    DMB reports

    They certainly have some irritating practices, such as that 15-day waiting period, but they do report to the credit bureaus. DMB reports to my Experian and Equifax reports. It did take about six months for them to do it, though. I've had the card a year now. I called to find out what was happening, and was told they had just started reporting (a likely story, which I don't entirely believe). Not a promotion for DMB, because it is on par on with all the other subprime cards. Yesterday I just found about the fees for cash advances (which I've never used), but let's just say it's enough to make you never do it.
  6. LKH

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    RE: DMB reports

    I was told the same thing about 1 month ago, although I had to fax a request to Metris who is the parent co. for dmb to report my account to the cb's. Also, Aspire will also now report if you request.

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