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    I am new here, but have followed your board for a month. My situation is this: I have been trying to cleanup my credit for a year. I am in my 30's, and had a bankrupcy 3 years ago, and 22 negative items 3 years ago. I took a second mortgage, paid off my creditors, and now have 4 credit cards, all LOW amounts, from $100(new prov), to $400 cap one. A month ago, I called Transunion, because the 22 items I paid off with my mortgage, 3 yrs ago, HALF were still showing as UNpaid!! Well, I call Trans today, to see if they cleaned up the half (11) whom I paid three years ago. They tell me they are "investigating" my credit info, cuz they "mistakingly" had MY info on my husbands report. She told me, that could be the reason why I have gotten turned down for credit( I can ONLY get very low limits, or turn downs). So, my call to check my updated report, revealed that they were putting my stuff on my husbands. Can they do that? I wondered why I was getting turned down alot(hubby has bad credit). What can I do? Also, since they made these mistakes, can I do anything about getting a better card( I pay TRIPLE every month on my cards, never late). Thanks
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    Could you clarify your situation a little better? I didn't quite get your question.

    Are you saying that your positive accounts are showing on your husband's credit report, while half the negatives are still remaining on yours? Are the cards you applied for recently in your name only? And the negative accounts...are they in both you and your husband's names?

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    As I said: all the BAD ones on my report, were still showing UNPAID, although I paid them all off three years ago. Of those 22, 11 are showing up on my husbands report, as unpaid. I don't really understand, but when I called Transunion, they were supposed to be updating me(they were supposed to remove the 22 bad ones I paid off). But when i called, they told me my bad ones, were showing up under my husbands ss#, and when people want to give me credit, they are seeing double on me. Not sure, but Transunion told me, they made a mistake, and were trying to clear it up, investigating. I told them I was only calling to get my "update", but then she said there was a data entry mistake, and my old stuff was showing up on BOTH mine and my husbands. They said it was the reason that I had been getting turned down, and getting only small bits of credit. My question is: if they made a mistake, on my report, and that contributed to me getting turned down, can they do that? Their mistakes have been costing me credit. So, I think my bad stuff is showing up TWICE. The credit cards I have are in my name, not my hubby's. I have Cap one, $250, new Providian, $100, Direct Merchants, $400, and a fingerhut, $400. I have never been late, and pay double or triple. But, when I tried to straighten up my report, I found Transunion had screwed up, by putting my info twice, on my, and hubby's.
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    Isn't it amazing that the whole world revolves around the big 3 CRA's. The information that everyone relys on being accurate and correct, is only as accurate and correct as the moron imputing the data.
    Sorry to hear about your situation. Good Luck

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