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    My question didn't get a response and then rolled pretty far down on the list- I was hoping someone could help me on this one.
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    SOO sorry- I thought I was replyiing to my original post.

    Here's the text of the original.

    I have a problem with a debt being reported on ALL 3 of my credit reports.

    Money Control - CA "assigned" from Southwest Bell (OC) $98.

    I recently paid the Original Creditor the full amount. However, the CA which I don't think I've gotten anything from... reported the debt to all three bureaus. The date is before I paid by like 3 days - but I was not aware of it until AFTER I paid the OC.

    I disputed with all three bureaus but they have verified that it is a PAID - collection and is now closed.

    What should I do? My argument is that I never paid them anything so how can they tell the bureaus it was paid.

    What is the best strategy now to get these removed?
    Keep disputing?
    Nutcase to the CA?
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    I nutcased a paid collection. They wrote me a letter that since I had "paid it within 30 days of the original collection" (I paid the OC), they would delete.

    Maybe they will do the same for you :)

    And btw, if you see your post falling into 2nd page purgatory, you only need to reply to it with "bump" or something, and it will come right back to the top. No need to start a new post :)
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    Thank you. I didn't mean to start a new post. Its was an error.

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