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  1. eddie

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    I have worked hard to get my credit back. I Pay all my bills on time now and have been doing credit repair for about 1 year. My charge offs and collections are due to fall off in Nov. 2001. When I checked my Fico today I also checked my credit report and an inquiry showed up from CBC National Collections. It was just done on 3/16. Does anybody know who these jokers are? Is it likely that some old bad account from years ago is going to come back and haunt me? Is there anything I can do to find out what this is all about? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  2. Dallas

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    It could be trouble or it may not be. I would call the credit bureau and get the # of the collection agency. I did that before. They could be searching for someone and pulled your report in the process. I had a collection agency on my report for inquiries. I called them and they checked the data base for my social and came up with nothing. The rep told me they may have been thinking about purchasing a bad account and was viewing my credit report as a screen. She said we must not have purchased it. She said they primarily do medical bills. The only medical bills I have had and didnot pay was a $30 dental bill and a $200 emergency room charge. Maybe they felt it wasnot worth their time.
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    CBC National Collections is a collection agency in Columbus, Ohio.
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    I would try to get it removed. Anything that says "collection" is going to hurt you, even an inquiry.

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