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    After I got married I was put on a credit card with my husband. It was his card before our marriage. I assume that I was just an authorized user since I never signed anything! Now, we are divorced and that credit card company (Associates) is trying to make me pay off the balance in full. It was even written in the divorce decree that it was his responsibility. I have told them this repeatedly, but they are still calling and sending threatening letter. Our divorce was granted over 4 years ago. Are there any actions I can take to make them leave me alone? I have even given this company his new address and phone number, but they are still hounding ME! Help.
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    First I would stop the harassing phone calls by sending them a Cease & Desist Letter. This will give you some breathing room to form and implement a strategy. Find this letter at:

    If you have a court document absolving you responsibility of this debt, then I would dispute on this ground. Send a copy of this document to the creditor, state you are not responsible for this or any other debt of your ex-husband. The reason they are heating up the collection process is most likely the statue of limitations on collecting this debt is about run out.

    If this debt is showing up on your credit report, then dispute it on the same grounds. This is not your debt by ruling of the court in your divorce agreement.

    Is your ex-husband still around? Can he be persuaded to clear this up?

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