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  1. roy ramey

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    im doing a economics project in my senior class and one thing i need to know is how do i go about getting a credit card?what the interst rates are? what rules there are for paying off the balance? and what are the requirements?. what ever answer you can give me would be greatly appreciated thanks =-)
  2. Indnewssrv

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    Your best bet is to go to some of these web sites that talk about credit to get your answers. Try barry's


    Good luck on your project..let us know what you get!
  3. Joseph Smi

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    Every thing you ask is in writing before ever making any decision concerning your finances take the time to read and understand
    all terms and agreements. I often qoute the credit card agreement to cardholders that after they have problems. Just like a car purchase read the contract before you sign!
    Rates, rules, and requirements vary for every card out there. Adds for credit cards
    are everywhere today: collegee's, grocery store billboards, the internet this site.

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