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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Gai-jin, Aug 26, 2003.

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    I'm glad I found this site. I was working on trying to repair my credit on my own, and had successfully gotten a few items removed by just disputing them with TU. Others, they did not remove.

    I tried disputing some of the items on my equifax report. I was directed to CSC credit, and did file a dispute. However, I have yet to hear back from them, and it's been over 2 months. I called them about a week after the 30 days, and they said they had complete their investigation and mailed the results out and that I should wait to receive a response in the mail.

    Also of note, my wife had bad credit before we got married (6/7/03) and filed bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was filed before the wedding date, under her name only. We just got the discharge papers in the mail yesterday.

    What's left on my TU report:

    2 Past addresses listed

    No public records

    3 Collection Records
    The first is money that is still owed. $89, OC was a small local phone company I used to have service with. Now with a CA.

    The second was a credit card I had in 1997. This debt was settled for less than the full balance in 1999. (2 90's, 2 60's, 3 30's)

    The third item is a car loan which was opened in 11/1997 and closed in 05/1999. It has been paid in full, and during that time it was late 1 90, 2 60's, and 7 30's. (I was a month behind on payments for some time.)

    I have Satisfactory info listed with:

    The local Power co.

    Household bank ( CC opened in 7/2003, $300 max, $183 balance, mosted owed $322 Never late) (Actually, I pay this one off about twice a month, because I use it for most things I buy, and $300 doesn't last long)

    Local Bank -- Car Loan Opened 6/2003 Closed 9/2000 Never Late (Most owed $7100)

    Local Bank -- Car Loan Opened 9/2000 Closed 10/2001 Most owed $13600) Never Late

    Local Bank -- Car Loan Opened 10/2001 Most owed $15500, current balance $9900 Never late.

    Now, I show inquiries 3 times from Household Bank in the last few months (applied for a bb card as well at one point), once from verizon wireless, 1 from Amex, once from western wireless last year, 1 from LOCAL Bank in 10/2001, 1 from Local auto dealer 10/2001.

    There are some soft inquiries, and that's about it.

    TU Score listed as 690

    That one's not too bad. My Equifax PRIOR to the dispute showed a discover account with 4 30's, 3 60s, and 2 90s, last activity 5/2000

    Also 5 collection accounts, none the same as those listed on my TU report. 3 Medical, 1 Utility.

    Also roughly 30 credit inquiries, including those for the dispute and for my own use. This report actually came with the "yes we received your dispute" letter, from CSC Credit. (Who apparently provides EQ's data in my area?)

    Sorry if I gave too much info. Just looking for what I should do from here, before I go doing things I shouldn't and screwing up even more.

    (I had disputed some items on my wife's report as having been filed BK on, hadn't sent in the requested discharge papers yet, good thing I found this board!)

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    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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