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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Erica, Sep 6, 2001.

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    We all knew for a while that the board is being "watched", and now we have proof. But that is no need to not post pertinent credit advice here. Everyone needs to learn somehow and if we limit it to e-mail, not everyone gets that information.

    I would suggest going about the board as normal, but omit any personal stuff, like where you live, etc. This is supposed to be a forum for learning and I will not let some CRA threat stand in my way.

    It sounds to me like TU is scared that LKH is going to win, and then everyone will win, and they will be broke. Maybe they should get their act together and report correctly and then the consumer won't have to fight tooth and nail.

    The views of those on this board have been extremely helpful in the way I have been disputing and rebuilding, and I thank you all for that. BUT like I said, some lousy CRA is not going to make me stay in sub-prime hell forever.
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    I agree. It is the people who hold them accountable by voicing their concerns and holding them responsible for THEIR libel against us that will ultimately be heard. They have the money to lobby for their side to be heard but we have our voices and boards like this only help to get our word out to our Congressional Reps, reporters, etc. That is exactly why they monitor and don't like what they see. Keep voicing the truths!
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    I agree as well...
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    Suppression of the truth and
    Intimidation of the messenger is a sure sign of guilt

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