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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by miles, Jun 4, 2000.

  1. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    There seems to be one thing that everyone can agree on about Providian & that is making money for their stockholders. It seems you're making a mint! What kind of car are you going to buy? A lexus perhaps? :)
  2. David

    David Well-Known Member

    Doris K. wrote this"

    "Subject: RE: Providian Shareholders Need To Take Action â?? F
    Author: Doris K. (adsl-208-190-161-49.dsl.snantx.swbell.net)
    Date: 05-31-2000 18:38

    I became a Providian shareholder recently, and while I'm keeping my eye on them, the returns have been quite nice. I bought in at just under $30 per share. Lately, it's been hinging just below 90. When it reaches 90, I'm selling out, and old Doris is gonna get a shiney new car! "

    The above post was made by Doris last week. Doris said she bought Providian stock at just under $30 per share. I poked around on MSN Money Central and found this interesting fact about Providian on the quote board:

    Providian Financial Corporation
    Last 96 7/8 Open 95
    Change +6 9/16 Previous Close 90 5/16
    % Change +7.27% Bid NA
    Volume 1.655 Mil Ask NA
    Day's High 98 5/8 52 Week High 118 1/2
    Day's Low 94 1/16 52 Week Low 58.12

    The facts state it all. Check it out yourself. Providian in the last year hasn't been below $58.12! I can't comment on a price before that - but isn't it noteworthy that someone who made the statement that she became a Providian shareholder "recently" and bought in at "just under $30" - this information only could be true if you factored in details from over a year ago? - if and only when the stock was that low?

    Of course, Doris' comment could be explained easily away: a typo, heavy trading, loss of memory, old age, imposter quote...etc.

    But following the career and variety of comments from the "granny" the last 6 months made me think about reality being what you get manipulated into by "granny."

  3. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    "Recently" at age 68 is usually more than a couple weeks or even a year. While it's really none of your business when I bought in, if all you have to do is sit around for six months looking for ways to expose an old woman, you apparently lead a very dreary, friendless, and sexless life. Whatever the case, you really do need to get a life, dearie. You seem to have the basic characteristics or a stalker or a female basher. Perhaps an extra session with your psychiatrist each week would do you good.
  4. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    I'm in the process of shopping now. I really like the build-your-own-car features of some of the automotive websites. So far, I've liked the Toyota Avalon best.

    I need to make an appointment to try one out, so I can make sure I can get in and out of it. I hate those cars that are so low to the ground that I almost have to fall on my butt to get in them.
  5. BOB

    BOB Guest

    Doris, I agree with you David must be awfully
    young. I'm only 46 and recently to me could mean anywhere from 1 week to 3 years. When I
    was 25 recently was 2 weeks or sooner. Hell
    at 68 (if I live that long) recently could mean 5-10 years. Anyway good luck on your new car hunt. And your advice on this board
    is very valuable, we all need the advice of experience, alot of times it worth more
    a college educated advice.
  6. CardReport

    CardReport Guest

    I am *not* accusing you of anything, but perhaps David's comment wasn't quite as petty as it might appear to you.

    Some investors will buy a certain stock, and then post messages on finance-related bulletin boards, going on about how great it is, sometimes making misleading statements, with the intention of creating demand for the stock, resulting in price increases. They then sell it off. This strategy is known as "Pump and Dump."

    I would expect that the average investor would interpret "recently" as being less than a year ago. And since the stock in question was apparantly at least $58.12 a year ago, it was probably *substantially* longer than that since it was "under $30."

    If you post messages to this board for six months, and someone notices you, and a general pattern of attitudes and ideas, that is *not* "stalking." If someone had said, "You've always given great advice for the past six months," would you accuse *them* of "stalking"?

    It also does *not* help you to look better when you respond to a valid stock-price discussion with accusations about someone's sex life, alleged mysogyny, or mental health. It indicates an absence of legitimate, relevant points, and suggests an attempt to distract from your own previous statements. The "poor old woman victim" thing isn't convincing, either.

    CardReport.Com - Credit Tools, News, And Reference
  7. David

    David Well-Known Member

    I don't "sit around" waiting for your posts.

    You lash out at anyone who challenges your statements for credulity??? - and you challenge statements by name calling and unsubstantiated accusations??? A stalker?, seeing a psychiatrist?, friendless?, sexless?, female basher?...

    I deny everything you said. The point to my post was that you seemed to stretch the truth. This post tells me you're a bullshiter, too.

    You're right, it's none of my business.

    You have mental problems!

    Doris K. wrote:
    "Recently" at age 68 is usually more than a couple weeks or even a year. While it's really none of your business when I bought in, if all you have to do is sit around for six months looking for ways to expose an old woman, you apparently lead a very dreary, friendless, and sexless life. Whatever the case, you really do need to get a life, dearie. You seem to have the basic characteristics or a stalker or a female basher. Perhaps an extra session with your psychiatrist each week would do you good.
  8. bg

    bg Guest

    DAVID&CARDREPORT, You clowns are so far off base it's funny. Evidently you 2 have not been on this board very long and it shows.
    David Doris has been posting very helpful advice here for a long time. As for you you started this crap with your so called investigation on providian stock and basically called Doris a LIER. Hell anyone
    would strike back if you called them a lier.
    And CARDREPORT, You haven't posted anything worth a crap since you came here. My advice to you is go back to your board and butt into peoples business there. I'm only posting
    because you two clowns decided to gang up on Doris. I suspect there are more people on this board that feel the way I do when it comes to Doris or any of the other regulars.
    OK now you two clowns can gang up on me.
    And you both need to realize one thing, Doris just made a statement, she never once told anyone or even suggested anyone buy providian stock. So get your stories straight before act like the idiots you are.
    And yes David you need to get a life. You should have asked her when she bought her stock before posting a bunch of garbage.
  9. Hubert  X

    Hubert X Guest

    BG, you are the clown. The word is "liar," not "lier," and it was introduced by you. Using your own fantasy as the basis for personal attacks is truly infantile.
    Anyone who tells another person to get a life invariably lacks a life. My life includes this site, and I'm proud of it. Some of us just want to keep this fascinating site free from dishonesty, foolishness, and "ad hominem" attacks. If you wonder what that means, you can take six months and look it up. Meanwhile, we won't miss your worthless postings.
  10. creditwork

    creditwork Well-Known Member

    Doris, it also lends to the credibility factor. As a regular poster to this board, you have in the past given some excellent tips on handling credit and finances. Posting misleading information on purpose or not, should require an apology.
    Just my opinion.

  11. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    What the HELL is wrong with you people? I posted a simple lighthearted message to DORIS and people come out of the woodwork to initiate negativity! I don't care when Doris bought her stock and I don't care how much she bought it for. That was not to point of my message. Lighten up people! Lighten up!
  12. Len

    Len Guest

    I agree, BOB. Until the "New Economy" took off and everybody bought stock in the last few years, old Wall Street hands considered an investment made a year ago a fairly recent one.
  13. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    That is a great car. The "build your own car" program sounds very interesting. I'll be looking for a car soon too. I might take a look at that program. Good luck to you Doris!
  14. bg

    bg Guest

    HubertX, chill out,she bought the stock years ago,no one posted dishonestly, you need
    to take your "I got a chip on my shoulder"
    attitude to CardReport.com where the other
    losers are. As far as infantile I may be,
    but I don't try to make someone look like A
    "LIAR" WITHOUT ALL THE FACTS. As for CreditWorks, I would expect more out of you,
    I'm disappointed that you think Doris a liar after all the wonderful advice she has given on different issues, I guess that's why very few people use your site. Oh well I guess that's life. miles I apologize for this getting out of hand, I just hate it when people try to attack the regulars on here
    when they don't have all the facts.
  15. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    RE: Hey, bg!

    I am not here to comment on this matter with Doris seeing as how its been blown up over nothing though I am not surprised some who have been abused by Providian may not be taking kindly to those profiting from their misery.

    Actually thats a tempest in a teapot compared to the reaction last year when somebody claimed to be holding Cross Country Bank shares and gloating about how much profit he was making, I truly doubt either you or BOB would remain silent over this, probably demanding his head on a platter! :)

    I feel you are letting your feelings for Doris cloud your judgement, thus leading you to make unfactual statements, otherwise you would have known that Cardreport.com was here long before either you or Bob arrived (early March) or even Doris for that matter.

    While I cannot speak for David, I do know Cardreport.com is one of the true 'credit experts' out there and has answered thousands of persons questions here and elsewhere in the past year. Many of which were from those I, J. Edgar and MichaelOH (to name a few) thought were moronic and uninformed.

    Actually, I had previously criticised him for spending too much time quoting the rules and regulations rather than dealing with real life where these are bent and even broken daily by many creditors and the CRA's and all too frequently not enforced by the agencies concerned, even chastising him for being too polite and reticent about not calling "a spade a spade" with all these crooks and thieves out there.

    I am happy to see that recently his postings have taken a more "blunt" (for want of a better termn) approach and he's basically calling out people and naming names. I say we need far more with his expertise who are willing to do so because currently there are damn few who do.

    One of the best I had ever seen was somebody the "old-timers" on this board knew as 'Mr. H', Barry N in particular, nobody was as good as calling out the frauds and scamsters who used to hang around here like packs of vultures, I daresay he was probably their public enemy #1.
  16. bg

    bg Guest

    RE: Hey, bg!

    Thanks Steven, I guess I owe Cardreport an
    apology, so CardReport I apologize I reacted
    before I thought things out. I get fed up with people who post here trying to put us women down thinking were stupid and know nothing concerning credit issues. We have credit issues just like everyone else. Again
    CARDREPORT I APOLOGIZE. I will be a little
    more thoughtful in the future before I react.
    Thanks Steven for kick starting my brain.
  17. miles

    miles Well-Known Member

    No need to apologize to me. :)
  18. creditwork

    creditwork Well-Known Member

    Wrong. I did not call anyone a liar. If people don't want to use my site, is OK. If anyone can find a site that offers them anything like what we offer good for them. I admire Doris and the way she handles her finances.

    Lets profit from the experience.

  19. bg

    bg Guest

    CreditWorks, what I posted did not come out the way I meant it to. I've had to eat some Crow today, Your sight is a great site, and
    I apologize very much for being an ass. Today
    has been a tough day, Bob woke up with chest pain and wouldn't let me take him to the hospital and I took it out on people here.
    This is no place for me to vent my anger and I apologize to all involved including David.
    Our daughter came and talked Bob into going to the Dr. And they are running tests, so
    he won't post for a couple of days. I came home to pick up our other daughter and apologize to you good people. Please forgive me. Gotta go back to the hospital, Goodevening to all
  20. Hubert  X

    Hubert X Guest

    Apology accepted. You will soon learn that I am a credit genius.

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