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    I need help, I have 11 negs on exparian 5 of them are from allied 4 have the same date but different account #, I have tried disputing them and they come back verified, they are small amounts 3 are 5.00 1 is 15 1 is 40.00 I found out they are from kaiser, when you order a perscription and have it sent by mail they are suppose to charge your visa they didnt and I never had heard anything from them,I seen this when I checked my report, I sent a validation letter to allied and they have not responed, ex. wont let me dispute again , I tried ordering a different report as Bkev suggested but whenever I click investegate it comes up as we have already investagated this item, any ideas would be greatly appreacited. I also sent it in by mail to dispute them no reply as of yet, Thanks
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    File a complaint with your state's insurance department, for one thing. They have to bill you the way they agreed to bill you.
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    If they didn't respond to the validation letter, then why not hit them with an estoppel? You can get a template in the other forum out front. When they don't respond to that, you can send it out to the Credit Bureau and demand they remove or you will file suit. And if you have to, do. If you want to get really nasty, when they do let it drop, you might be able to sue them anyway, on the grounds that they knowingly and willfully kept false and damaging information on your CR. I'd talk to a lawyer first though.
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    Well, I'm sorry Bkev's ideas don't work out. Guess you will have to try something else besides what he suggested. Be that as it may, if you follow his links you will see that the government is trying to tell people that credit repair tactics don't work and that nobody can remove correct and accurate information from a credit bureau history file. Only the derogatories that are incorrect or out of date or for some reason or other should not be there anyway.

    Although I don't see where the government actually comes out and say so, they leave little doubt that credit repair don't work all that well. They are old and timeworn and pas&#233 now anyway. While they do work in helping to get rid of or correct inaccuracies in credit reports, they won't get rid of items that are correct and should be there.

    Of course, there are those few exceptions where the credit bureaus just don't have time to do their work so they have to delete them for a while, but it's likely they will come back to haunt the credit repair "expert" and the do-it-yourselfer alike later when the credit bureau has time to actually verify them.

    In any case, if one decides he wants to do credit repair in spite of what the government suggests and Bkev points out so loudly, then he sure don't need to be paying some phony credit repair company to do it for him.

    I almost didn't dare try to make that point too loudly because Bkev and a couple more have put me down for trying to promote my own business by slamming my competitors, but what hasn't been realized is that I don't have any competitors for the simple reason that I don't repair anybody's credit. I'm not into that. I tried it a long time ago on my own credit problems and it only took a couple of months for me to realize that trying to use credit repair tactics was about like mud wrestling with pigs at best. That's when I decided to do things in a totally new and different way that didn't involve the tactics commonly known as "credit repair procedures."
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    You have to be careful... I suggested ordering a new report for EQUIFAX to be able to conduct additional online investigations. EXPERIAN is a different company who has a company policy limiting the amount of times an account can be investigated. BTW, that is a clear violation of the Fair Credit Report Section 611 (a) (1).

    Wait for your mail dispute to come back/30 days. If they still have not investigated it, send a final demand letter stating that the FCRA does not allow them to limit the number of times a tradeline can be investigated or the amount of time between investigations. It states very simply... REINVESTIGATION REQUIRED!

    Good luck... Keep us updated......
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    Read closely.....BKev's idea was for EQUIFAX not Experian.

    It doesn't matter what report number you have for Experian. Once they investigate and re-investigate, that's. Don't know how long you have to wait before you can investigate again. I have stuff that was verified in 5-2001 that I STILL can't start an investigation on-line for.
  7. roni

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    Would you like for me to ask the OK Attorney General and the Federal Trade Comm is you're not one of "those" companies? Would you like their direct opinion if CREDITWRENCH is subject to the requirements of the CREDIT REPAIR ORGANIZATIONS ACT. It will not be that difficult. I'll be happy to do it for you!
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    I want to make sure I got this right.
    The estoppel will require the CA's to no longer report this to the CB? What if after the estoppel is sent and the dispute with CB has taken it off the record, the CA somehow proves it yours and begin to re-report it? After the estoppel is sent to the CA's what do I send to the Credit Bureaus? A copy of the letter? a copy of the CRRR's?
    Thanks to all of you here I have gotten most all of the neg's off TU and EQU, still having a hard time with EXP. I sincerely appreciate everyones willingness to help.
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    Erica and others interested in seeing some sanity return to this forum.

    Please be advised that I as of last night I decided that I too had had more than enough of the foolishness and squabbling and I am no longer going to reply to any of his posts. If he wishes to continue the fight and screw up the board, that's up to him. He can just fight with himself.

    I have not responded to any of his posts since last night and I will continue that policy. In fact, I've been giving him as much praise as possible because I sincerely think he is doing the right thing in putting those links to the FTC websites in his tagline. As to the rest of it, that's all on him.
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    Good luck Erica. When I made a comment about this, anna told me go "go away".
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    Fight? No... I don't want to fight. Defend? Yes... Until my last breath. You're lieing again Bill... You slammed me today! You try to slam me in this thread. All morning long you were changing your signature around ANTI-BINGO themes to try to make me mad.

    I'll be happy to stop... when you stop slamming me... when CreditWrench and you stop violation consumers rights under the protection of the Credit Repair Organization Act...

    Last chance... next step IS seeing how you hold up under an FTC and OK AG complaint! It stops now!
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    Funny. I still hear the sound of a pissing contest. The problem with a pissing contest is that even if you win, you're still holding your you-know-what in your hands.

    NOW, As for you Miss Erica... you've set a new record. You are the first and thus far only person to receive two WAVES in the same day...

    <And the crowd goes wild!!!>

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    I feel very special to have gotten the Quixote vote of approval. Thank you! {blushing}
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    Dear Hal,
    I'm sorry - I thought you were making reference to my Miss Cleo jokes. Please tell me you still love me.

    Your buddy,
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    Anna -

    I apologize if I took your post in the wrong way. My Grandmother passed last evening, and I have been a little upset today - she was 97 and lived a long full life, but I still miss her.

    I have been trying to stay busy while at work online by reading posts to distract me, but it hasn't worked well.

    Still friends?
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies.

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