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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Dustin, May 31, 2001.

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    After some good success with deletions, things have stopped. Everything I dispute comes back verified. Has anyone else had this happen? Were you able to get things deleted after it? I am still sending in disputes (strongly worded now), hoping to see some more results.

    Rebuilding my credit is going great. Everything bad on my report is getting older, and everything good is still looking great. I just passed the 6 month mark on re-establishing, and a little over a year for cleaning/disputing stuff. Thanks to the board!

    I do not know my fico, but 4 months ago it was 558 Beacon. It should be higher now that the Cap1 is 6 months old, the auto loan is 4 months old, and the 2 student loans are reporting as being paid. And another deletion, and a paid collection (which I hope comes off!). E-Loan says I had a 565 about a month ago.

    Another ??: How fast can FICO scores grow? 2-3 points a month? Or could I jump 40-50 in a month with a deletion and aging of credit?


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