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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Dec 12, 2000.

  1. Momof3

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    Well I wrote the the utility company and tried to get them involved with this collection, they replied NO, it was sold and they have nothing to do with it etc, this was my second try with them, looks like a dead end. So I am trying to think what else I could try, I have tried for deletion of course, then tried for non disclosure, no luck. Yes I may do the ceast and desist letter but I really want this removed. I was thinking maybe write them again this time pointing out the SOL has clearly expired so if they want to get any money then why can't they just delete for payment?? If anybody else has any ideas I am all ears.

  2. TommyC

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    Hi Mom,
    I just got a deletion from all three credit reporting agencies for an electric bill that was being collected by Equifax's collection agency, ERM. The utility bill was the result of a roommate who had used my name. Previously, we had both lived in the dormitory, and when I left town, my ex-roommate, moved off-campus, and I moved up North, to continue my education. I tried for two and a half years to get this utility collections deleted without success. Then I read on a credit message board, that I should first have all of my previous addresses deleted first, before I begin disputing. So, I had all of my previous addresses deleted, and received last week and this week, my updated credit reports, and the utility collection has been deleted from all of them. Maybe this avenue may work for you Mom? Best wishes, TommyC
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    I was successful getting 4 elec. bills deleted because the company changed billing systems and couldn't verify. Now, 2 months later Experian has received new info on these accts and one by one have been putting them back. Elec. co. tell me there is no way to verify these accts. and will send me a letter to that effect. I threatened FTC concerning another matter and gave them 14 days. I guess they are not too concerned about that, time is up. They're not too concerned about that, but they dig up old stuff they already deleted. Go figure...
  4. Momof3

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    Thanks Tommy, this only appears on EQ and TU but EQ doesn't have the address associated with the debt so I don' think that would work. May I ask if yours was paid or not?? I really want to tell these people to take a flying leap, but I have to pay this before I can get mortgage, but I have been trying so hard to get them to remove to help credit, paid versus unpaid doesn't really help. But they won't budge and now they are threatning to add on fees!!!!

  5. TommyC

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    No Mom,
    It was not paid and I had no intention in paying it, because I never lived off-campus, so I never had a utility bill. In the dormitory, the utilities are included in the housing package. The only utility expense, is for a telephone. Maybe, it will come back after the holiday as verified, but if it does, it will be past the Statute of Limitations for the State of Florida, but it could post for another three years on my credit reports. I agree with everyone here who are making efforts to improve their credit reports and scores. This really takes a couple of hours to focus on each week and probably equally as important, a vigilant overview of your credit reports, more often than we think! Stay the course Mom and you'll look back on this and have a "quiet smile." TommyC
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    I certainly hope I have a quiet smile:)


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