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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeG, Aug 1, 2001.

  1. MikeG

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    I received the dreaded "you application needs more processing" message when I applied for the Home Depot card yesterday. So, I called today and was told I was declined. So I mentioned some potential errors on my account. I was still shocked because the rep. told me they pulled Experian because that is my best report. Anyway, I mentioned that when applying for other cards I was able to speak to a supervisor about my report. He transferred me to another rep, which transferred me to another representative.

    She told me that my application will now go through the manual process for verification. I was still concerned because my mortgage was not on my Experian account. She told me to call back later. So I just called back and was told I was approved. Well, it's just has a $300 limit which doesnt compare to some of the big approvals posted her previously but I guess it's better than a denial.

    Home Depot is a perfect Retail Card for me since I am there all the time working on my yard and house. I guess the wood floor will have to wait for a couple increases. Now I need one more Credit card to get the 3 card Fico ratio.

    Mike G.
  2. mj

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    Don't wait for increases - ask for them at every 6 month interval. The automated system asks you how much more you want, you key in a number, and it's either "congratulations" or "please hold for a representative..." who usually can do what you ask.

    I kept adding $2500 every 6 months - from $2k to $11,100 (? go figure, I asked for 10k and got the weird amount).

    They report limits- and when the rep. asked me for an amount, I blatantly told her that since they report limits, I'm trying to build my credit and would like the maximum she could go. She completely understood.

    Good luck,
  3. MikeG

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    wow, thanks for the advice. Just a question, are you saying that you asked for increases in the range of 2K to 10K or that your balance has risen from 2K to 11,100.

    You have given me a little hope.

    Mike G.
  4. mj

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    Here's more history.

    I got the account 10/99 with a 2k limit, charged 600 and paid it off in 2 months. I would then use it once a month or so, but always paid it off.

    4/00 asked for increase, got $3k (now $5k)... chargd $2k (major purchase plan) and paid it off in 6 months.

    10/00, asked for increase, got $3k (now $8k)... charged $500 (6 months 0%) and paid it off in 6 months.

    4/00 asked for increase, got $3100.

    Hope that helps-
  5. jimc001

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    What is the number for Home Depot? I got turned down for a card even though I have Orchard MC and Target , both in good shape.
  6. NanaC

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    I just realized that my BK is gone and I bet I could get the stupid card they turned hubby down for...how bad do I want a jacuzzi??

  7. Maer

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    NanaC.....I just bought a spa!!!!! While doing research on brands I found that Home Depot's Jacuzzi are considered the worst of the worst. There is alot of debate about it on the forum at
    I bought a Hot Springs. It gets delivered next week...can't wait!!!!
    Don't know if you were just kidding or not, but thought I would pass it on.
    Did you have any luck with Home Depot? They never did respond to my planetfeedback letter.

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