Home equity line and charge off?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Meri, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Meri

    Meri Member

    Is there anyway to get an home equity line of credit with a recent charge off? My credit score is 670 and my husbands is unknown. In Sept. Providian charged off his account after he signed up with a credit counseling company. Is there anything I can do? I've been talking to the credit counseling company but they aren't very helpful so far. Should I call Providian, would that do any good? Do I have any ground to dispute the charge off?
  2. phoenix

    phoenix Well-Known Member

    Maybe. A lender can tell you for sure after looking at your credit and comparing it with the matrices of his available programs.

    I recall that some of the HELOC programs, they only look at one credit report, like TU. It's possible that the chargeoff in question may not be appearing on all three reports.

    Also, some mortgage lending programs will have a problem with CCCS.
  3. Meri

    Meri Member

    Hi Pheonix, thanks for your reply.

    I thought that if they only looked at my score it I would have to have enough income on my own to qualify but I could be wrong.

    I called a mortgage broker instead of a bank and I'm waiting for a call back. Hopefully they will be able to help me but it will cost me more. BofA is bankd I called for the HELOC and they informed me of the Providian charge off. I don't know what company report they were looking at. Ideally I would like that charge off taken off but I don't know if that is possible. I am trying to read posts on this board to see what steps to take to do so but I am overwhelmed at the moment!

    Hopefully the CCCS won't prove to be a problem, I'm sure it can't look worse than a charge off, at least I hope not!

    From what I have gathered it looks like Providian charges off an accoun when you join CCCS. That infuriates me! I wouldn't have joined if I understood that was the case. I'm hoping that if I talk to Providian and offer to pay it off in full that they will agree to take the charge off off.........does that ever happen??

  4. phoenix

    phoenix Well-Known Member

    For want of a better word, Providian are dicks. Don't hold your breath waiting for them to cooperate or help you.

    Is your husband on the existing mortgage? If so, I think it gets tricky if you are going to apply for a new loan without him on it. I'm not really a HELOC expert though, so they will be able to better answer your questions on that.
  5. Meri

    Meri Member

    I think that's the perfect word......or worse. They have been nothing but jerks to us save one woman I talked to. The interest rate, the fees, they are evil and I'm sure they hate to see us go with all of the money they made off us. I guess it's worth a shot, I'm sure they like the tax write off of the charge off but maybe they would like $4,600 instead. I feel stupid that I didn't think of them charging the card off because of CCCS.

    I really want the HELOC, mostly for peace of mind and to pay off Providian and one other debt I have. I'm a Realtor and it's a little slow right now and it's scaring me.

  6. phoenix

    phoenix Well-Known Member

    It's often slow at this time of year. One idea is to come up with some marketing material regarding the advantages of owning investment property, then talk to the people you've already put into homes.
  7. Meri

    Meri Member

    That's a good idea. Right now there are so many price reductions that someone can actually get a decent deal (for California). I've been looking into marketing ideas or mailings that are different, people, including myself, get bombarded with just sold and just listed mailers and throw them in the trash.

    I'm determined to get this HELOC. It would be nice if I could use it to buy an investment property!


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