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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by roni, Jul 28, 2001.

  1. roni

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    Be careful when cancelling credit card accounts with PRovidian and Household. I closed my 2 providian accounts and my GM card and my Household card in May. With both banks, my accounts were not cancelled by my phone calls, even though the reps said "ma'am your account is now closed". I solved the providian error in June. But today, I got a statement from Household with a charge from them for one of their benefit plans. I had to call again to cancel and this time they said if I dont get a letter of cancellation, it is not closed. I thought I had gotten that letter from them already. I guess I will have to triple check this time.
  2. dlo64

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    Always request a confirmation letter that the account is closed and will be report as closed by consumer when closing out an account. Sometimes, I don't think that phone calls mean a thing with these credit card companies. Also, I get the name of the rep. I spoke to when I closed out the account.

    Household has to be watched like a hawk. They are the ones that are reporting that I filed a Chap. 13 BK with them instead of a Chap. 7. These are not bank cards, but Best Buy, K-Mart, American Blind and Wallpaper, and Harlem Furniture.

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