Household Bank Credit Fraud!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Angie H, Apr 24, 2001.

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    I recently received a Mastercard in the mail from Household Bank that I had not signed up for. I immediately cut the card up and thought that I was done with the whole situation. Then I received a letter in the mail asking if I had received my new credit card, and if so why I hadn't activated it. Then just two days ago, I received a statement from Household Bank stating that I owed them $99 for charges on my new account. I feel that this is ridiculous and I am not going to stand for this! How are they going to charge me for a card that they aren't even sure that I received?! If action is not taken, they will continue to "rip off" all of us!
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    Re: Household Bank Credit Frau

    You might want to ask how they allowed a $99 charge ona card that was never activated. Did you not call the company and have the account closed immedaitely. And demand that since you did not initiate the card that they remove any or all references to it on your reports? Just cutting up that card did nothing. You nedded to call. When they called asking why you had not activated, did you cancel the card them?

    If they stall you ask for a copy of the cc slip with your signature. Immdaitely dispute the charge.

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