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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by masg1, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. masg1

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    I have an old HH accouunt reported on 1999 with 7 lates and a paid legally less than full balance..

    Any luck negotiating with them?

    Should I even try? SHould I just go for a delete?
  2. masg1

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  3. Thee One

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    Did you pay a CA or the OC? I paid a CA and I was able to get theat TL deleted, however Household verified and updated their TL. They updated it wrong, but that's another story. If you decide to try and negotiate with them or goodwill them let me know, I'm interested to know how it turns out. I'm still disputing with the CRA's trying for a deletion.
  4. masg1

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    I closed it with HH while I still had the card.. I closed the card and negotiated a payment minus some penalties.. I didn't know what I was doing..

    So it got listed this way..

    I know SOL in PA is 4 years.. I guess I should just verify.. dispute delete....

    If only i could find a verify letter..

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